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  1.  album is awesome shame black card not included like listed..


    this album is a great piece of coheed, just a bit let down that play.com listed that the black card was included in the set and it wasn't so it ended up being a very expensive book/album, i wanted the black card for when i saw c&c so i could get early entry!!!

  2.  Great for new buyers but a slap in the face for Fallout fans


    This is a great deal for new players to one of the greatest games to be released on the 360 but is a complete slap in the face for fans of the series. I bought the special edition of this game on the day of release and love it. But why has the seperate DLC content not been reduced in price for existing owners of the game along side the release of the GOTY edition, I will now have to either purchase the GOTY to get all the DLC or buy them seperately for nearly the same price as the GOTY edition. a 5 star game 1 star for the way the DLC cost has been handled!!

  3.  Entertaining enough.......


    Not a bad film, thou had it not been named Die Hard or Willis' character being called John Mclane this would have been another one of those forgetable Willis movies he has churned out in the past! it is a great example of the trend in Hollywood of watering down films that should be R or NC17 rated, no 15 yr old can remember any of the originals as they weren't born so why make it for them!!!. the only shining performance in this movie comes from Timothy Olyphant proving that he can hold his own as the bad guy! The film was far to long for an action flick, but it does have its moments the set piece with the F35B Lightning II (not as mentioned by a previous reviewer an F14 the star of Top Gun the give away is the lack of vertical flight that is shown in this movie) and the cameo by Kevin Smith who is a legend!! the film is worth a watch with a few mates and a few beers but doesn't come close to the original trilogy.

  4.  great bit of kit!


    What a great deal for £20 you get a extremely well designed and well made piece of nintendo equipment and a fun shooting game with various different levels to ease you in. Please ignore the review below from Thirdeye, this works great with Resi Evil: UC just make sure you change the settings in options to Wii zapper setup and it switchs the A button to the Z button then this makes the experience alot more enjoyable and comfortable. you also need to bare in mind that depending on where your light bar is located you won't be able to look down the "sights" when playing this game but there is an onscreen recticle in the games you will use this for, all in all a great package.

  5.  Fantastic game and there is a multiplayer mode.....


    This game is fantastic fun on your own or with friends, frantic crazy mini games that get progressively harder and faster with all sorts of comedy elements, like the way the remote postions are described (imagine Confucius meets Ross Noble) as for the review below there is a multiplayer mode but you need to complete the single player mode before you have access to it (takes about 2 -3 hours max) and has various multiplayer games, such as working together one holding the remote one holding the nunchuck and having to jump over obstacles, as well as a head to head mode. All in all a fantastic game!