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  1.  My favourite WWI-box


    This is by far the best WWI-documentary I have ever seen. And I have seen quite a few. It covers all the major events and explains everything in an understandable manner. As always, i must note that it is a bit shallow at times, but this is unavoidable with only 8 hours play time.

    I especially like the way they mix old footage with new footage of the same locations. I love it. It makes history come much closer, and it makes the events seem quite near.

    Highly recommended.

  2.  Simply the best, so far


    Simply the best rally game for the PS3 yet. It's got lots of rally action, and most of the great rally cars that we all love. They've put in some american buggy/truck racing events as well, but these don't dominate the game - the main focus is on rally, rally cross and some hill climb events. You can even complete career mode without playing more than a couple of the buggy/trucking events.

    Alright, DiRT 2 has better graphics and a bit more realistic car handling, but the game itself sucks, with way too many boring events that nobody wants to play, and way too few good rally courses. So now we're just waiting for DiRT 3.

  3.  Fatal production mistakes


    This could have been an interesting box-set, and I was really looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately, the producers have done a couple of things so horribly wrong.

    Sound: Tacky music plays almost all the time and is way too loud so the narrator's voice at times drowns. When the music doesn't play, they have put on their "generic war sounds" with machine guns and artillery, which also is too loud and drowns the narrator's voice. They should have cut out a lot of the music and a lot of the added sounds, or at least cranked down the volume so you could hear the narrator.

    The narration is generally good, when you can hear it.

    Graphics: The graphical maps are almost totally meaningless. There are basically no city names, no borders, and very little useful information on them. E.g. a map out of somewhere in Turkey, I don't know where, because the small portion of the map didn't contain any well know city names, borders or anything else. And they didn't "zoom in" from an enitre map of Europe, so that you could see where this portion of land actually was. And then they put on some random explosions on the map, just to make it appear that something is happening, somewhere. Not good, seems like these maps are just something they've put in there to fill the time.

    Archive film material: Is ok for its use. A lot of the clips are repeated, and when I've seen the same clip like five times in one episode I kind of think they should have dug deeper in the film archives. But this is a minor problem, in my opinion.

    Contents: The contents are the reason I'm giving this two stars instead of just one. The series tells the story chronologically from the events leading to war, and follows the war through the various events. Of course at times a bit shallow, but this has to be expected when trying to fit the entire WWI onto six hours.

    I also like the three discs discussing the technology used in the war.

    The contents is just what I was looking for, and is in my opinion perfectly good. What a shame then, that the producers have ruined the entire experience by making the fatal mistakes mentioned. Had the sound been good, I could easily have overlooked most of the other flaws. But when the problems just seem to stack up - the sound, the music, the repeated clips and the graphical maps - everything's just annoying.

  4.  Lacks options


    This game could actually have been absolutely brilliant, but its lack of options and a couple of other things destroys the entire experience. The two things that really got to me is that you have only one camera to choose from, and that you can't turn off that extremely annoying graffiti that's being painted on every single wall in the otherwise nice environments. The camera angle I can live with, being that this is an easy going arcade racer, but I really don't understand why EA had to ruin the game experience entirely by putting in this ridiculous graffiti stuff?!

    I am aware that there aren't many good racing games for the Wii, and I really had the hopes up for this one, as it's designed specifically for the Wii, but EA completely blew this golden opportunity to finally make a good one.

    The graphics are quite nice, and so are the sounds, but the driving is a bit too cartoonish and so totally unrealistic that it doesn't at all do it for me. I'm sticking to NFS Pro Street.

    But, if you're in for an unrealistic and fast paced arcade racer, and you don't mind being locked and tied to a whole bunch of idiotic options (and you love graffiti), this one could be for you. Otherwise, turn around and spend your money elsewhere.

  5.  Has it's moments, but...


    Ball physics don't seem very realistic, I don't get a feeling of playing real pinball. The steel ball just "isn't there". The tables are OK. No widescreen-support. Most of the camera angles really don't work too well, and the default angle can't be changed. Also, the different angles seem to vary from table to table, so I can't find one angle that suits all the tables.

    The controls work great with the nunchuck, though.

    All in all a disapointment. I'm sticking with the "Pro Pinball"-series for PC, which is more than 10 years old.. Still superior pinball simulation, hasn't been surpassed yet.