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  1.  Bargain


    Such good value for lowriders and skullcandy in ear headphones - very impressed.

  2.  Great case


    Great case and very slimline. It compliments the phone very well

  3.  Very impressed


    I was a bit hesitant about this frame and was concerned that the resolution may be affected with the size of the screen, now I have it I realise I didn't need to worry about that. The picture quality is very impressive and I was chuffed to bits with the price, the next cheapest I could find was over 100 pounds.
    Very impressed with this 15" and a 7" version that was a pressie last xmas, it works with all my memory cards and usb's so I can just plug in whichever I fancy instead of transferring them all to a special file/memory format.

  4.  very pleased


    Great product. Solid and sleek. Really looks cool. the audio output is great and if you plug the USB into an iphone mains charger (instead of apply USB cable) you can charge via mains output as well as USB computer connection.

    Very simple and all that is needed really. Works beautifully with the Alarm clock app so that when the iPhone is standing you have a smart digital clock in the room.

  5.  Best i've tried by far


    Really good headset, i usually go for a cheap option but have been using my bluetooth more and more so decided to buy a premium option and Jawbone kept coming up in all the good reviews. Really impressed with the sound and ease of use compared with my old one.

  6.  Best iPhone remote by far


    First of all, this product (unlike most others) has a built-in database of thousands of brands. That means typically you don't need to learn any buttons (but you can). It also means FAST setup and use. And it also means true PORTABILITY. Set up any device anywhere, anytime.

    So my advise is to stay away from the learning-only remotes. They are slow to use and VERY cumbersome. There are some that say that they can download the codes, but 'User Contributed Codes' can have lots of different problems.

    I found this product to have the most powerful IR transmission. You need this. Some products use smaller IR Diodes, some limit the current to the IR diode. I would really be concerned about the new audio port based products having enough IR power.

    But the real strength of this product is the feature rich, but free APP. It has Macros and Favorite Lists (including network logos). It is truly programmable in button images and layouts. But the killer feature is the Activity Remotes. This is the capability that is usually found only in remotes costing hundreds of dollars. The activity remote is where you will spend your time using this product.

    Its the Activity Remotes that make this product worth the money and stand out above all others.

    Sorry for the long post, but I found an iPhone remote control that I really like, and even my wife likes to use.

  7.  Great for the wife


    This radio is excellent. Looks fantastic and the sound quality is very good. Thought mine had a scratched front but turned out I had not taken off the plastic protector which was quite difficult to see. My other half loved it and i would definitely recommend it to others and for the price it is great value product.

  8.  Alot better than i had imagined


    I bought the boomclock as I like to wake up to music in the morning and was fed up with the crackly radio on my old alarm clock. I was really pleased with the brilliant radio reception and that I could programme stations in, which meant I could choose to wake up to a different radio station if I felt like it, without messing around trying to tune into them each time.

    I found it really easy to use with my iphone4 and liked the versatility of being able to wake up to either my own choice of music or to the radio. I've never had an alarm clock with a built-in sub before (!) and could really tell the difference in sound quality - like waking up to a decent stereo rather than just an alarm clock.

    A feature I really love is that I can set the alarm to go off at a different time on the weekend than during the week, which means I don't have to keep resetting it every week. A real bonus.

    I didn't find the display too bright as some other clocks can be, the lowest setting was just right for me at night. I like to be able to see what time it is if I wake up in the night and found the display really easy to see (even my girlfriend can read it without her glasses on!). Also, during the day, the display is easy to read from across the room.

    The remote control is very handy and I can keep it near the door so I can switch the music off just before I leave the house for work.

    Overall, I loved the quality of the sound and how well built the boomclock is - I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.

  9.  Great case


    I was a bit sceptical about the fit because of a review i read but that guy must have reviewed the wrong case because mine fits perfectly and i can take pictures absolutely fine.

    It's made really well and is genuine leather, allows access to all buttons/features whilst in the case and doesnt flap around when taking a call like my previous one.

    Overall i would definitely recommend this case.

  10.  Great sounding, hard wearing and can take calls


    I really like the Skullcandy brand now, i used to be a bit cautious but since owning a few pairs and hearing the sound quality i'm sold on Skullcandy, headphones that look and sound good was what i was after and you've got the added bonus of an in line mic so you can take calls on iPhone and other handsets which means i don't have to take them off when my phone rings which is really handy for the gym.
    I've dropped these countless number of times and they still look and sounds as good as the day i opened them.
    These come highly recommended.