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  1.  Superb!!!


    This film while having its roots in the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr version takes influences from Hammer (Curse of the Werewolf) as well as the original. Benicio plays it down, Hopkins hams it up and Emily Blunt is gorgeous but under-used. The effects and make-up are brilliant, the transformations are VERY believable apart from a split second of dodgy cgi around the eyes at one point.

    The effect of running on all-fours which caused such a long delay is SO well done and was well worth waiting for.

    The cane - which played such a big part in the original - is occasionally picked out by the camera but apart from that is unused rendering it really rather pointless. Likewise the medallion has little point, and the masked ball shown in the trailer doesn't seem to be in the film - or did I miss it?!

    Horror fans MUST see this film it's excellent!!! :)

  2.  A must-see movie for horror and werewolf fans


    This classic film really stands the test of time. The ground breaking special effects pre-date the glut of cgi we see today and are virtually flawless - the transformation scene is still the most convincing to this day. The story itself is fun but some of the humour falls flat and is pretty embarrassing really. The roller-coaster tale ends with the predictable tragedy but leaves the viewer feeling satisfied with a fairly non-standard but well-told werewolf story with a few good laughs along the way. The icing on the cake is that the gorgeous Jenny Agutter gets her kit off again. I highly recommend this movie - if you've not seen it buy it - you'll watch it again and again.

  3.  Great movie but some truly vile bits


    This movie looks and soounds great but the natives are trult revolting as are the giant insects - i genuinely can't stand to look at some parts of the film. As to subtitles - play has got pretty lazy in the descriptions department and prices aren't as competetive as they used to be and postage times are rubbish too. Get it cheaper elsewhere.

  4.  Not as good as it is on stage but still enjoyable


    Saw this twice on stage and loved it. This movie is a good interpretation of the show. My only minor gripe is that while I love Minnie Driver she is rubbish in this and badly mis-cast or badly directed - I'm not sure which. Talk about over-acting! Everyone else is great in it. Of course there is a (thankfully) small degree of Americanisation as some folk seem to think Americans can't enjoy a sure unless it actually has an America in it?! Great film, great extras, great music - buy it now!

  5.  what a film


    if only modern-day film makers had the skill to build tension as Jaques Tourneur does with "Night of the Demon" There was some contoversy about the showing of the Demon in the first 10 minutes, and criticism of the Demon itself - the miniature "looks like a monkey riding a bike" apparently. Criticisms like these aside - this is a very atmospheric classic horror film, probably tame by today's standards but for it's time the effects and the cinematography are amazing. I can't wait to get it in my grubby little mitts!!! Pre-order it now - you won't regret it.