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  1.  Red Ring of Death


    I'd give this game 4 stars for gameplay, story etc. but it kept crashing as it has an incredible amount of glitches. This led to the RRoD after 2 days of playing it (and no, not none stop play, and yes my xbox is very well ventilated).

    I'd put this down to bad luck but 2 out of 3 people I know have had the RRoD as well just a couple of days after getting this game.

    Until they patch the game up, your playing Russian Roulette with your xbox!

  2.  Not his Best


    Although there are a couple of good songs is this album its not his best work and I would argue that he wouldn't have become so successful if this was his usual standard.

    However, saying this his usual standard is way beyond a lot of other artists.

    If you have all his other albums then its an understandable purchase. However, if your not that familiar with Jack Johnson or don't have much of his work then pick up copies of In Between Dreams and Brushfire Faiytales first. They are simply magnificant!

  3.  Considering an Xbox 360 Premium? Buy this!


    Simply the best deal around.

    *Halo 3 - the astounding adventure continues, a must for all fans and a recommended game for any shootem up fans (although it goes beyond the average shooter). probably the best online game after COD4.

    *Forza - Great racer, following the Gran Tourismo style.... ignore the rubbish reviews about poor handling cars etc.... its a progressive game where new and better cars become avialable and get upgraded. Handling and speed of cars improve to reflect real life cars.... poor handling and slow cars at the start only push you to become more successful and win better cars! Rant over.

    *Viva Pinata - This game surprised me. I was expecting a rubbishy filler game which had been added to this bundle to beef it up. I was wrong. Its a great family game that anyone can enjoy but even someone like me who loves his shootem ups and RPGs can become an addict.

    * Add to this bundle a wireless controller worth £30

    All in all this is a fantastic ready to go for anyone deal. What I mean by this is you get 3 games which appeal to many different people if in fact they dont take to all 3 and the ability to have 2 players.

    Phenominal value and fun.

  4.  The Best Game Ever


    This game simply has it all. Great gameplay, one of (if not the) best gaming stories ever, longevity, strong characters, a great musical score and unbelievable graphics (the cut scenes are the most magical I have ever seen).

    Whats more is the game appeals to everyone. No matter what age, gender, gaming experience or final fantasy experience. Its as likely to be loved by a 32 year old man who has played all the final fantasies to a girl of 10 who usually hates computer games.

    This game will have you more hooked than 99% of titles found on the xbox 360 and PS3 at a fraction of the price.... a must buy. One thing i would suggest however, is to buy the game guide as it makes the game easier to get into and adds hours upon hours of extra play as it reveals all the games hidden secrets.

    .....enjoy.... again, and again, and again

  5.  ERROR


    Recently bought this MP3 player due to its high storage and great price and applied to return it after only 2 frustrating hours in which the player would not load music. I tried 3 computers but no success as the product arrived in a faulty state. I've had two drag and drop MP3 players before and never had a problem until this one.

    I would put this down to bad luck if a similar thing hadn't happened to my friend just days later.

    If you are looking for a 1Gb MP3 player then spend and extra £10 or so on Creative's Zen player found here on play.com, which is infact the best 1Gb player around. The Zen is better than the i-Pod shuffle at practically half the price. Just check independant internet reviews if you want reassurance!

  6.  Good but is it good value?


    World of Warcraft is a very good game. The problem is the subscription fee. This is a common trend in most MMORPGs but it places the gamer under pressure to feel that they must play it all the time and if they aren't that they are losing value.

    For those who want better value for money or for people who have never played MMORPGs and want to give it a try I would suggest Guild Wars which has no subscription costs after the £9.99 price tag and is just as good as World of War Craft. Guild Wars justifies no subscription by selling expansions every six months, which makes Warcraft seem a complete rip off charging both subscription and expansion pack fees!