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  1.  Nice Suprise


    First of let me start this review by saying this is a good game. But... I wouldn't have brought this game if the reviews wasn't good. And to my suprise it was good. Its like playing a gears of war rip of. A good gears of war rip of. Plays just about as good as gears, with humour gangsters and if you like it or not Mr Cents soundtracks. I rented this game but in a few months I am defiantly going to add this to my collection. It insn't jaw dropping but it is a good game and hey sometimes we just need a good outragous game. 7 - 10 for me. For others rent it like i did and if you are dissapointed which you won't be its only a fiver.

  2.  fun...not great


    First of all i'm going to say this. Prototype is a good game. You can tell the developers love this formula and they nail it quite well considering how much is going on. The controls could be a bit better but they could also be a hell of a lot worse. It feels quite natural controlling mercer. But... sometimes the natural feeling goes when you get glitches. And there're are a fair few e.g. there will be three helicopters shooting at you and you will try and lock onto them only to find yourself locking onto a 5 ft ormal person who couldn't take 1% of your health. Yes it is a very very big game lots going on so i can forgive that. The story is set in new york it is not as life like or alive as rockstars infamous Liberty city but still you feel like you are in a believable city. The graphics thats a touchy sometimes they can look pretty and you think to your self this game looks cool also there is the times when you throw a car at a helicopter or getting close to the civilians and it looks like the hunchback of notre damn. The story holds its own. But forgetable. Overall if you are tight on cash rent it. If you can afford it then buy it you will like it. Don't jump inexpecting a AAA game. Think of it as a whole lot of fun. Running up buildings morphing into giant hammers or blades. Gliding from the empire state building and free falling onto a moving car only to crush it and send shockwaves 5 metres squared. This is fun this is not game of the year.

  3.  rebound from fuel


    I took back the very diabolical fuel and purchased this. I have always left it on the shelf bu for 12 squid what can go wrong? Well well well not alot very very impressive and overlooked game. I agree with these chaps it is better than burnout. Burnout has been the same for nearly ten years. This feels fresh new and alot of good fun. I didn't realise drivers could fly out of their windscreen untill i saw it happen. The body flew screaming across my bonnet as i drove through the destruction. It happened so fast i didn't believe it. I laughed to my self and thought nerr. It happned again lmao killer

  4. Fuel


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     First let down of 2009


    I have been waiting for this game since i can remember. And oh boy when i got it and played it was i dissapointed. Imagine a very very big map (twice the size of oblivion) filled with hills and trees and water effects from the sega era. The cars look like they have been lifted from a ps1 game and plonked into a boring big map. Would i reccomend this? Yes i would because some people wont mine the 10 years out of date handling and graphics. Oh thats another thing the vehicles handle like a lump of butter in a hot pan. Im sticking with motostorm for now.