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  1.  Team Fortress 2.........better than Brink!!


    Yes its the year 2012 and im telling you all this is still an Amazing Bargain , buy this even if you only play through Half life 2 and its expansion packs!

    The main reason im bringing this game to everyones attention is TF2 (Team Fortress 2) , YES people still play it online for the PS3....there are lots of servers running it with plenty of people playing it and we need more and more people joining in the fun.....More maps would be appreciated but i personally think the basic version is loads of fun........Just remember to join a Europe Server and not a USA server or you will experience lag/skipping.

    + Portal is very Witty and a good challenge, ingenious puzzle game.

  2.  Best COD multiplayer.


    Love this for the multiplayer,
    Maps are interesting,
    Upgrading is something to look forward to instead of just being given things,
    Games and perks are much fairer than MW2,
    Graphics are good enough,MW2 has Brighter Graphics,something to do with where its set people,its called the sun blazing down.

    Servers can be unreliable some nights i will admit,Great game though.

    I will also recommend this enhancement for your PS3 Joypad -

    EA Sports Comfort Play Pack (From Play.com)

    Makes your Joypad more manly!

  3.  Wish your PS3 controller was better?


    Seriously get this!
    Grips are much bigger and made of rubber for better grip,
    Thumb sticks are now rubber for better grip,
    And finaly....Triggers are now shaped like triggers and also made of rubber,
    Excellent product.....stopped me from selling my PS3!

  4.  Fun fun fun!


    Fantastic game,

    Had some friends round last night and just laughed till midnight,
    its that much fun.

    Swordplay - great,but Speed Slice is even better,a referee throws various objects up in the air and you have to slice that object in the correct direction. (Wear your strap)

    Wakeboarding - get pulled over waves and use your remote like a handlebar to turn left or right in mid air and perform stunts,get your landing right and you get pulled faster,i will be honest and say this event didnt interest me.

    Frisbee - you throw a stick :) this is where you can really see the difference the Motion+ makes,you tilt the frisbee to any angle you want and throw,land it in the zone and a little dog catches it,dont worry lads its not just for the girls because they have
    Frisbee Golf! - i like golf and the missus likes frisbee,put them together and your onto a winner.

    Archery - Intersting use of the wii remote and nunchuck,i like it a lot,satisfying thud when the arrows go into the board.

    Basketball - Not as dull as they say,yes you just shoot balls into the net,but get 4 people all standing on tip toes looking like idiots and its a great laugh,not much skill involved but there is a knack to it,get a good rhythm going and keep it fast.

    Table Tennis - My personel favourite event of them all,so accurate,so satisfying,you can bend the ball or slice the ball and when you get a good rally going its amazing,had darth vaders Mii in the back ground spectating (Turn Mii parade ON)
    me and the missus even played this friday morning before we went to work.

    Golf & Bowling - Just like before but slightly improved with more holes/draw/fade for golf and more curl/spin for bowling.
    100 pin bowling isnt as exciting as people make out,in fact its easy as there are so many pins close together that they do the job for you,both events are still brilliant.

    Power cruising - no ramps,the control method feels awkward,going through endless rings gets boring especially constantly using your remote like a throttle all the time to rev/boost.
    Its no Wave Race and it should have been.

    Canoeing - Wears you out and creates arguments :)

    Cycling - Again wears you out but if thats what you want then knock yourself out!

    Air sports - this is relaxing but you wont get excited.

    I do recommend getting another Motion+ Add on when you can.
    Online support - No
    Good with a group of friends - Yes
    Share your life with someone? - Get this you will both love it

  5.  2009 i think!


    I have been a nintendo fan since the NES and always go with the Official products as i tend to trust them and the quality is always the best.......but.....this is a very basic lens cleaner,
    almost medieval infact,you have to wiggle it up and down yourself! i have had my Wii for a year in a smoking environment and the white cleaning pad on the cleaner was still perfectly white after i used it,and yes i did have it in the right direction.

    Not Impressed.

  6.  Do you like Fast Racing Games!


    Simply put - The best racing game for the GameCube,Fast & Furious,very good fun.

    Also - If you have a Wii then get this,its cheap and runs in widescreen through your Wii,its a fantastic racing game even today.

  7.  COD Wii


    I have this on the PC and now the Wii, Pc version has graphics far superior to anything else fact,But i have to admit that im playing the Wii version 100% more,its great and the Controls feel so much better,dont know about the Zapper though so cant comment on that,
    Would have given it 5 stars if multiplayer had CTF and Zombie Mode but never mind its still great fun.
    More please!

  8.  Like Tennis? Like Mario and Company?


    I'm sure everyone has played wii sports tennis and thought they want more control,
    I was one of those people and this game didn't let me down,
    Untill Motion plus comes out i reckon this has great ball controll,
    Graphics look great,so vibrant and smooth,
    Characters are as you would expect from the Nintendo world - cute and annoying but dont put you off playing what is overall a great tennis game.
    Would have given it more stars if you could play people online and if the characters didnt keep saying annoying little phrases all the time.