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  1.  Where's the rest?


    I'm used to this now, but it's still disappointing when it happens. I wish I could review the developer separately, I might give the game a 4 and EA a 1 in that case.

    Starting on a good note, I'm addicted to the game. Few problems with it, wish I could play it on full settings but that's fine. It reminds me more of the Sims 1 with how it plays, a big plus for me. It has a more serious and realistic tone to it, and while I love the fun aspects and wish there were more in some places, I'm not marking it down because of that.

    My huge ******* problem is expressed in the title. Where is the rest? EA the huge money milking beast that it is is back to give us a great game, and steal from us. Hardly any clothes or furniture, we are expected to pay 29.99 and buy the rest from the store. Not only this! No pets, nightclubs, holidays or anything that resembles stuff we are clearly going to get in an expansion pack, some for the THIRD time!

    This is not on and should not be allowed, micro-transactions are one big mess-up by the gaming industry as it is, but EA is allowed to give us The Sims 3: Animal Kingdom in about 4 months when it should have been in the original game. Not to mention The Sims 3: More Clothes and Items... all of which were probably ready before the launch of the first game!

    To conclude, I do love the Sims 3 but it was hugely disappointing to not see any of the expansion stuff from the Sims 2... or any of the humour... or many items/clothing/hair... or anything really. It just mindboggles me how something such as a wardrobe or a diving board could be in THE SIMS 1 but not the 3rd!

    EA disgust me... but we can't change it. If you love the Sims, you'll love this, just be prepared to donate another £200+ before the Sims 4.