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  1.  Still Game and Still Excellent


    this is a comedy series about a small scottish community of pensioners. although its a very strange subject to write about, it is surprisingly funny. this just shows you the quality of the writing!
    i think this is one of the best comedy series on TV and their scottish accents somehow seem to make it funnier.
    i definitely recommend it and it is so original its like nothing else around.
    5 stars!!!!

  2.  Excellent Product. Everyone Needs One


    i have to say that if i say this in a shop i probably wouldnt buy it, but i got mine as present for christmas. i am totally surprised how much i used on the first day alone and will continue to use it to take all pictures.

    the 4 things i like about it are...

    1. you can just leave it on the table with people and keep taking pictures with one finger, its at a good height and you can aim it easily with the screen on your camera

    2. i actually find it easier when standing up to hold it with the legs and take the picture without holding the camera, because cameras are so small these days, it allows you to have so much control

    3. its amazingly stable, because the joints are so stiff it doesn't even wobble when you hit it. you can knock it over and the legs will be in the same position! i hate using stands that shake and move when you are holding them. not with this!

    4. its so versatile it can be used anywhere, the picture shows it wrapped around posts and trees, it actually does that, effortlessly. and its stable when in those positions, because it has very grippy rubber on each "knuckle" (the white/grey bits)

    it just makes taking pictures so much easier and takes away from shaky blurred pictures. perfect every time.
    the spirit level is a good idea as well
    easily 5 stars, i havnt found a problem with it yet. brilliant.

    hope this review helps

  3.  Its OK


    i am a fan of Charlie Brooker having watch a few series of Screen Wipe. and ill be honest, thats what i thought this book would be like. but i was a bit disappointed. this book is comprised of reviews he has written about books, films, tv programs, people etc. it is layed out in review form.
    i was expecting to see a whole book writen by him about anything and everything, not just a list of reviews.
    although my disappointment, i gave it 3 starts because some parts have made me chuckle a bit, not laugh, just chuckle.
    its ok. i would only recommend it to someone if i knew they were a big Charlie Brooker fan, not just a random friend.
    3 stars

  4.  Excellent must see film


    I think fracture is an definite must see film for any crime/thriller fans. it shows a man murdering his wife, confessing to it, having no lawyer, and get himself freed of all charges.
    i think that Anthony Hopkins is brilliant in this film and it reminds me a lot of Silence of the Lambs (which is also a brilliant film.)
    i would describe this as an extremely clever thriller, which is a lot like police dramas you see on the tv
    5 stars. very good!

  5.  one of the best animations films


    this film is excellent on all levels
    i think the story is great, its funny, the animation is the best ive seen, its entertaining, exciting and just generally brilliant. although its about superheros i think it is very origional. and i loved the Frozone (played by Samuel l Jackson) with the ice powers

    its almost as good as toy story 2! which is about as big a compliment as you can get!

    defiantly 5 stars. well done pixar

  6.  Great Value. Good Game


    I think for the money, this game is very good value, but i wouldnt want to pay much more than 10-15 pounds for it. so at 7.99 pounds i think its a bit of a bargain. i dont think this game is anywhere near as excellent as RaceDriver Grid is. but i do think it is a good game.

    the car controls arent as realistic as they could be (for example. as good as Grid) but they are quite good. i think it is easier to use with a steering wheel. you dont get total control over the car and you cant power slide without using the handbrake. (although racing drivers dont drive using the handbrake)
    i think that the graphics of the cars and tracks are excellent, although the damage is pretty non-existent. i would have liked to seen more realism in that respect
    i like the fact that you have to qualify for track position and that you can use the pits, this is something i missed from grid.
    its nice to drive on tracks i have never driven before and the little cornering helper at the top of the screen (like you get on rally games) is good when you are learning the tracks to start off with.
    there are a good selection of cars although they are all touring cars and the racing and championships are all italian touring championships.
    i am also really into trophies (unfortunatly they were not on grid. so superstars is better in that respect) , there are 36 to get, this was a big plus for me and they aren't too difficult to collect.

    overall i gave this game 4 stars because i would have liked a little more car control and to have actual damage on the cars.
    but i think for the price, even if you only get a couple of weeks enjoyment out of it. its defiantly worth it

    hope this review was helpful

  7.  Great Film!!


    I think this film is best described as a mix of I Robot and 24.

    It has all the technology and computer based storyline as I Robot, and the counter terroism/ president assassination attempts of 24.

    I think if you like either of them then you will like this.

    I also think that Shia LaBouf is excellent in this.

    definitely worth watching!!

  8.  really realistic and even improves driving


    i have used this on the ps3 with racedriver grid
    this is an amazing product and really adds to the gaming experience.
    you can feel every single bump in the road and is very intuitive for car control.
    it comes with force feedback, which basically reacts and opposes your imputs into the control, this really helps to improve your driving style and for me, has actually made me a better driver.
    its also great fun and makes you feel like your really inside the car. i havent tried any other games with it but it works amazing well with grid.
    i would definitly recomend to anyone who like racing games
    it comes with usb and ps2 controller slots for use on either of them
    five star *****