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  1.  Got Mine 3 Days Early, Classic Play.Com .... Best Part Is ..


    Its perfect !
    I was so happy to have seen the concluding episode, with just the rest to follow, i can only want more and more.
    From the first, I saw some Nazi scientist steriotype, but now i have the proof, and the info as well. What a compelling end which left me shouting "ohhnnoooo!!!!"
    I was 50/50 is the series could deliver more than the original, with many reviwists stating that "there is nothing new here", and I mahself at first, but i see they have taken a new point in this and i have already a vague idea where its going (if anyone has understood the Nazi genetics scientists and their moving to the south america's - see the film; Boys From Brazil - and tying-in with the "***creature from the dark continent***" quote from the original Hellsing series) ..... Were in for some classic action next time out ....

    I hope it's as good as my guess tho .... hahaha

    5/5 ... buy now ... buy now (quote - THX1138)

  2.  MotoGP 2008, Its Good, Very Good.


    Its 2008, and the lower classes (125 and 250) make a welcome return to the motogp game title, which is something of a relief for sure!
    The game, like 2007 is fairly well tied into the real(ish) world of bike racing to the point of a few minor alterations to pre-race set-up will mean victory by 11 seconds, or battling 22 laps for 11th place.
    There are however, critisisms, and that is that, the computer is sometimes impossible to beat, and cheats on a regular basis. However, as i found in my sole year in 250's, i drew on the final round with mika kallio and the race went down to the final round, and i won by podiums. I was actually, rocked by the sheer level of the closeness of the racing, then i realised it was a game, same story when i moved to the 800s when it went down to the last round, this time with myself, pedrosa and stoner all on equal points going into the the race, and i won the championship by a solitary point.
    My point is, the game is so very enjoyable, it makes me sad you can only get 5 years racing on one profile, as i could of raced around, switched teams, and built up my racing stats.
    The best bits surely are being able to name yourself, so your now not racing with someone elses name (but you still get called by someone else if you get a track or lap record, grrr). You work your way up from 125 racing, and you also get to see career stats and is so much more aimed at the kind of things that get a motogp pundit off on, so i genuinly feel its worth a buy.
    The only downsides are the cheating computer (only on some races, spesh in 250's, and its over-agressivness will have you off or last on every first corner, even from pole) and only having 5 years in the career mode before starting from scratch.
    Apart from that, for the money, there is no finer bike racing game out there.

  3.  Recomended


    Hellsing was OK, but not amazing in both visuals, script, layout, organisation and generally everything which makes Anime, Anime. Despite tis, the plot, characters and themes where more than adequite to bulk up any loss from a small budget. The typical Manga dressings are there now. If you havnt watched the original, you may struggled to keep up with the back stories and does have a great deal of pace which came as a shock after the original.
    As was said before, there isnt too much new here, but there is plenty of things better, and that alone will make life more enjoyable for your average punter.
    The best bits are the layout for the introduction of new characters is excelent, as the original felt very clumsy in some area's for a new person to appear (often needed to afollow-up episode just to get some basic and even strained background/links to be woven to the mix).
    This is an excelent first DVD and i have so much faith in what ive seen, ive pre-ordered the entire set.
    Buy it.

  4.  Almost perfect.


    very great feel, ive played it solid for atleast 15 hours and im frazzled by the fast paced action and the feel and just everything. in comparrison to its its main competitor, Tourist Trophy, MotoGP07 delivers everything that TT doesnt, like a full grid, bikes that wheelie hard, hard sliding and being able to fall off from too much lean.
    the learning curve is a shocker if you have never played a bike racing game or indeed have been able to push the real thing to knee/ toe down limits, i can say its far closer to real life than TT.
    Neat features? well i love the traction control kicking in and scraping off the revs if you over cook it. being able to powerslide and a nice big grid!
    Downsides? TT is superior in terms of graphics and better on a few sounds. obv been a motogp game, you wont be able to ride normal road bikes like in TT, but then again, unless you drastically alter youre suspension settings and riding style, you dont get as true a feel in reality. overall, yeh, good game, i loks forward to getting it sorted.

    18,000rpm powersides baby ;)

  5.  WHY??????


    Do people say that any version of civ 4 is the best ever? IT GOES TOO QUICKLY INTO THE MODERN TIMES! trying to mount a considerable bronze-age war is impossible as it can drag into 1000 years before a real victory made. civ 3 was a pinicle that not enough people recognise! i bought just the first part, and downloaded the demo's for the rest and im glad, as i didnt waste money on a boring awful-looking version of a strat game. lets face it, the classic isometric was the best! am i too old for this? but this is my opinion, this demo only instills my thoughts. all the game developers have done with the 4 series is introduce elements they could of had in the begining, and maps they could of added as a free patch, rubbish.