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  1.  Excellent


    Its extremely quiet and does the job perfectly. When I was looking at the description I was a bit worried about how exposed the fans are, however its not an issue, they are tucked away nicely!

    This item is much better than another cooling deck I've had before. The price is excellent and the two fans do the job well.

  2.  Gripping


    This is the story of Donald Crowhurst and his attempt to sail single handed around the world, in the Sunday Times Golden Glode race. His attempt was doomed from the off. After investing all his money into his boat he had no option other than winning. However as the deadline for the race start neared Crowhursts boat wasn't ready and things weren't going to plan.

    During the race things got worse for Donald Crowhurst, to the point where he had to make some pretty drastic choices. His story has a dramatic ending which anyone can sympathis with.

    The documentary has accounts from other racers, including Robin Knox-Johnston, The Crowhurst Family and actual footage from the time.

  3.  So Boring


    This is one of the worst games I have ever played. It has a terrible storline. Whilst playing it there is very little for you to actually do. You'll listen to a story, click of a few objects in the scene to pick them up, move to a new location and repeat the process.

    On the plus side it is only 4.99! If I was you though I'd save that and buy something interesting!

  4. 9/11



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    This documentary was filmed by two brothers who set out to film FDNY doing their everyday job.

    It was filmed in the weeks running up to 9/11, and fate has it that they were working with FDNY that day, resulting in some amazing footage.

    It starts at the training school where the find a rookie firefighter which the documentary will centre on. It shows him passing out and joining his first crew. The first half of the film gives us a glimpse into life of a firefighter in a big city.

    The second part of the film starts with the rookies crew attending an everyday call out on the morning of 9/11. Only a few blocks away from the twin towers they get footage of the first aircraft striking the towers, and are one of the first crews to attend.

    The documentary shows footage from withing the towers and on street level. It comes with narration from people who were there on the day and gives a very personal look into these global events.

  5.  50 Dead Men Walking


    Great storyline with good acting. Some good action and a gripping tail which will keep you hooked until the end. Nice addition to every collection.

  6.  They Don't Make Them Like They Used Too!


    Fantastic documentary! An absolute must for anyone interest in history or HM Forces.

    The documentary follows Ark Royal on deployment in the 70's. It gives a very personal view into the ship and her crew. Looking into the daily routine of the crew and operation of an amazing ship.

    From runs ashore to working life, this documentary shows a no-holds peak into the Royal Navy of the past. The final episode is filmed 8 years after the originals and goes back to meet some of the crew and makes a last emotional trip to visit Ark Royal.

    All in all this is a superb series and well worth the money! Can't recommend it enough!

  7.  Tainted


    A good film, worth watching. Good acting from all parties. Possibly too good though, it felt very propoganda like.

    Couldn't help but think the whole way through, will someone answer that bloody phone.

  8.  Exceptional!


    Threads is a must have. Its a docu-drama set in the 1980s, at the height of the cold war. It follows the run up to a nuclear attack on Britain, through the attack and on up until about 20 years after the attack.

    Threads will definatly grip you. Its something everyone should see.

  9.  Chilling


    An eye-opening documentary. Filmed during the 1980s, protect and survive would have been shown on national television had a nuclear war been expected. The DVD contains all the protect and survive material and some additional dosumentary extras. I haven't given it the full 5 star rating as it isn't the most entertaing DVD around however it is interesting! A real eye opener.

  10.  Worth Buying!


    Really glad I bought this. A well made documentary, not only following the historical facts but also looking into what the soldiers on the ground had to endure. Easy viewing and well presented!