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  1.  Actually better than i thought


    I thought this game would be really bad and all you do is run and jump but there is so much more.

    Being a person that like shooters this really suprised me it is really good and simple to play.

    You can tell they have spent time on this game and it has really impressed me.

    I would download the demo first to see what you think because there isnt masses of action but the graphics are brilliant

  2.  Demo version is awsome


    I have only played the demo on ps3 and it is brilliant , ordering your troops around by talking to them. All you have to do is press and hold r2 and speak.

    I was amazed how easy it was also its got brilliant gameplay on conquest you have to secure uplinks that you can upgrade to air support ect which is very useful in battles. The enviroment is interactive as when you move your troops they automatically get in cover behind a wall its so cool.

    So get this game !simple!
    If anyone wants a battle on the demo version my ps3 name is ramiraz

  3.  TWO WORDS........ BUY IT !!!!!!!!


    This is the best bit of kit since the ps3 came out its amazingly accurate and powerful. Also just £8 for this ....well you have to buy it it is soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!! :)

  4.  DEMO and awsome (online)


    i played the demo and well it was brilliant this is a must buy game and if anything it is better than COD4 because you are able to destroy anything and anyone .
    the variety of vehicles that are diffent for both sides is good and then all the fixed gun postions then after that the immensely powerful artillary cannon. then if you get bored of all of that you get the upgrades for all of your wepons including things like laser designater and anti tank mines .
    surely you will not get bored of the game (all i have talked about is the online play!).

  5.  Awsome


    after playing COD 4 and GTA 4 this is just the game i want . ive played the demo and it is a very good laugh . this is a good game after all whats better running around ramsacking villiges with your minions and thats what makes this game good instead of saving the world your destroying it .
    this is a good game and should be a deffinate buy for any person that has a sense of humor.