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  1.  Cheap yes, nasty? Definately not!!


    The p11's are the cheapest headset turtle beach make for the ps3. this shows in the perceived build quality and feel of the product. However the Turtle Beach expertise still shines though. The headset is a doddle to connect, the mic is of high quality. The sound quality impressed me the most. Playing Battlefield 3 for the first time using the p11's really blew me away. Yes the sound is only 2 channel, not fancy surround sound but you can still clearly distinguish between left and right movements.
    In conclusion, there is no better headset available today for the same price. They might feel cheap but these cans rock!

  2.  Good budget choice.


    Not a bad headset for the price. Paired seamlessly with my iphone 4. Good sound.


    1. Doesn't pair well with PS3
    2. No dedicated volume controls and no mute feature.

    All in all if your just after basic bluetooth functionality then this headset will do the job. If your after a little bit more then look elsewhere,

  3.  Question


    Does anyone know how to activate the extra dog tags? Got my copy today. Firstly its not a COD killer . The single player campaign is short and linear at best. On the strength of the single player this is a 5-6 out of 10 game.
    However go online into the multiplayer and its a different matter, Put simply this is the BEST online experience money can buy today. The graphics are amazing, the maps are excellent and the vehicles are the icing on top of a fantastic cake. MW3 is gonna have to be pretty special to beat this,
    BF3 online is the definative multiplayer experience. BUY NOW!!

  4.  Epic


    The latest Mortal Kombat is shaping up to be a cracker. Its been designed from the ground up to take the Mortal Kombat franchise back to its roots. Fans of the original will smile at the many nods to the first three Mortal Kombat games that were released all those eons ago. I for one can't wait. The gameplay looks smooth, most of the fan favourite characters are back and looking better than ever. To top it off Play.com are taking pre-orders at only 29.99! So stop reading and start buying. FINISH HIM!!!

  5.  Surprisingly good film, surprisingly poor picture quality


    Saw 2 is a solid followup to the sleep hit SAW. Its well thought out, and has a twist (or 2!) up the sleeves of its hooded robe. The only complaint one could have is the same complaint that could be levelled at the Blu-ray release of the original SAW - and that is the less than spectacular picture quality. Nevertheless, this is a solid film that is entertaining enough to warrant a place in your blu-ray collection.

  6.  Reply to toasterphobe


    Just to answer your ps3 related question. This hard drive is supplied formatted to the ntfs file system. To use it with ps3 you would need a pc to reformat it to FAT32 file system. After that you can attach it to your ps3 and use it to play movies, music and photos on your ps3 but I'm not sure about downloaded games.

  7. Blur



    2 New from  £34.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.75

     Mario Kart for the Fast & Furious Generation


    Excellent racing game.
    The title of this review says it all really. this is Mario Kart for todays car savvy Fast and Furious generation.
    This title has excellent graphics, and a comprehensive single player campaign.
    However its multiplayer content alone makes this game a fantastic buy.
    up to 4 player split screen races are available off line. Makling this title a fantastic party game for all ages and both sexes.
    The online component is incredibly addictive. Lots of people are playing on PS network, and the races themselves are fast and frantic.
    In conclusion, i would pay full price just for the multiplayer.
    Blur is undoubtedly one of the most underrated racing games available on any system.
    You can either buy it, have a few friends round and let the mayhem commence. Or go online and cause carnage over the internet. Either way its money well spent on an excellent game.

  8.  Good quality


    Well firstly, the picture listed is an exact representation of the colour of the product which is always a good start.

    This is a nice fitting case supplied with a high quality and virtually unnoticeable screen protector. I found the screen protector fitting to be a painless procedure and am very happy with the end result.
    The case adds very little bulk to the phone, and the silicone at the sides is in a pleasant, textured finish which makes gripping the phone very comfortable and secure. The built in connector ports protectors fit very well. One feature that lets you know the manufacturers have put some thought into this product is the clear polycarbonate protector for the apple logo.
    All the cutouts for the camera lens, speakers and mute switch line up perfectly and the thicker silicone for the power switch and volume controls work excellently and feel great.

    the only real concern one could have about this case is that the siicone at the sides can be pulled back surprisingly easily and thus the phone does tend to accumulate a fair quantity of dust and lint around the sides. However the phone is very easy to fit and remove from the case so regular cleaning of this area will be your phone looking smart and fresh.

    Good looking and in a vibrant colour
    Premuim feel.
    Excellent screen protector included.

    silicone at the sides could be tighter fitting.
    Side protection is not as convincing as backplate protection.

    A good case from Otterbox, it offers excellent protection for the screen and back plate of the phone but protection at the sides is moderate. This case would suit people who want the added piece of mind of a case but do not want the case to add too much bulk to the phone. The visible apple logo and vibrant colours will ensure you get noticed.

  9.  Graphically Amazing


    play this game on a HD t.v and you will be stunned by the graphics. They really are jaw dropping.
    Single player campaign is very immersive and will take you a good 7-10 hours to complete.
    The real plus point of this game is the online multiplayer. Its fast, frenetic and highly addictive.
    Lots of people are still playing this game online , that in itself is a testament to its excellence. Even at 4am on monday morning you still see hundreds of full servers in the E.U region!
    Many of the haters will complain about the laggy controls... ignore them cos you will get the hang of it quicker than you might think.
    if you have a good net connection and a PS3 . This game is simply a MUST BUY.
    Now that it is a platinum title there is really no excuse.

  10.  Great Looking Product At A Good Price


    Nice looking device. The controller holders will glow red when charging and glow green when charge is complete so there is no danger of overcharging and therefore damaging the controller battery.
    The lights are bright enough to draw admiring glances from your friends but not so bright as to distract you if the charger is placed near your t.v.
    Unit is quite light but feels robust.
    Pro's :
    Great looking with very stylish lights.
    Mains powered so no usb connection to your PS3 is needed.
    Makes a great place to safely and stylishly store your controllers when not in use.

    Additional usb ports do not seem to charge my iphone.

    An excellent product backed by the energizer brand name; that will make your friends envious and at the same time charge your controllers and keep them in one handy place.

    If your looking for a charger you won't regret buying this one.