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  1.  Very nice little phone!


    My father and step-mother got me this mobile phone for Christmas. My Dad chose it, and I absolutely adore it.

    It has everything you need on it, without being overkill. I wanted a relatively simple, but fun, phone - and my Dad chose very well. I can listen to music, text, call, go on Facebook, and not feel overwhelmed.

    I love the touch screen. Texting is very, very easy on this phone - other touch screens can make text messaging hard - and you have a choice between QWERTY onscreen text input, or the usual alpha-numeric input. You can also handwrite your text messages (to do a space, just draw a straight horizontal line!)

    You an customise your own 'front screen', and put your own shortcuts there for quick access. Everything is very easy to do, and fun to use! You can also change the font of the writing on the phone, to make it look funky.

    As for the pink phone (the colour I recieved) it looks very nice. It's stylish and 'for girls', without being too girly and annoying. The casing feels solid, although the back is abit hard to take off and put on for the battery. Just fiddly.

    The camera, in my opinion, is great for a mobile phone! You can't really complain! The picture quality on the phone is very nice, as is the sound quality. The text 'beeps' are abit quiet at times, though, even at full volume. This hasn't been a problem for me, but may be for someone who will be using their phone in loud settings (like a party). The 'ring ring' for voice calls is fine, however.

    All in all, really love this phone. It's great, and you can't complain. It was a perfect present from my Dad to his daughter, and I feel thoroughly spoiled with his great choice. I only gave it four stars instead of five, since I don't think a 'perfect' phone exists, but this certainly has all the basics and more, and is very fun and easy to use.

    I can't put it down! Sometimes I just find myself poking the screen.. Heheh.

  2.  Incredible!


    I was unsure about this film, but purchased it anyway out of sheer curiosity.

    Boy, I was NOT disappointed! How shocked I was when I absolutely adored it!

    The main theme of this film is of course - love vs evil. However, don't worry. It's romantic enough to capture your heart if romance is what you're into, but definitely not too soppy as to put you off if you're not. A film for both guys and gals.

    Tristan tries to capture a fallen star to win the heart of his love, a coven of three nasty witches (including a (sometimes) gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer) want to same star to prolong their youth, and all this while a band of royal brothers are competing for the throne on their King fathers deathbed!

    This is the ultimate feel good film, and if you're into this stuff - you might actually cry tears of joy at parts. This film draws you in and whisks you away, with a little dose of magic.

    Most of all, I was delighted by the acting of Claire Danes (who plays Yvaine) she was absolutely fantastic and natural - and stunningly beautiful to match!

    Five stars, get this film even if you're only the slightest bit intereted - you may be surprised with how much you enjoy it!

  3. Merlin



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    An absolutely breathtaking film, that retells the famous legend of King Arthur from the eyes of the wizard Merlin, with alots of other beautiful legends from around that time added in.

    Everything you would want from a legendary fantasy. Theres fairies, gnomes, beautiful lords and ladies, epic battles and a dragon - not to mention Merlin himself!

    This film is truely magical, in every way.

    Due to this 'film' originally being made for a two-part TV feature, it runs for a good three hours if you watch it all in one sitting - but you wont get bored. There is not a slow moment, and it draws you in completely. When I sat down to watch this a few days ago, I planned to watch it in two parts, but I couldn't turn it off.

    Fantastic acting from some fantastic actors. Sam Niell, Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham Carter - infact, all the cast are absolutely superb and made this film as great as it is.

    You can't go wrong with characters like Merlin, Frick, Morgan Le Fay, the Pagan Goddess Queen Mab, King Arthur, Mordred, Lancelot and Guinevere - Yes, this film has them all and more! Perfection!

    Fantastic scenes, fantastic soundtrack also. Really takes you away to their magical world.

    Desperately recommended for all fantasy lovers - and even if you're not a big fan of fantasy films, this will have something for you. If it catches your eye, get it now!