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    This beats everything for the summer blockbuster.Spiderman3,Pirates3 all wish they could of been this exciting.This emotional,and this fantastic.TRANSFORMERS energises the senses on a massive scale the effects are astonishing and 'Spielbergs' wallet is well spent in it's efforts by action supremo Michael Bay.I thought i wouldn't get much from 'Transformers' but it surprised me how much i feeled for the robots,it does grabs you on the emotional level and i loved that because it didn't think it would.The action is awesome and is not overloaded to the point where it becomes a blur,scenes are slowed down to appreciate the complex and dazzling scenarios amongst the battles and it pays off with stunning effect.Can't wait for a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  way hey it's the racoons


    When BURT racoon wakes up the EVERGREEN FOREST becomes his playground and a mad house.This is pivotal 80's nostalgia,cartoon fun of the highest calibre which inspired many and still does.Following Burts adventures and confrontations against Cyril Snear who's quest for money and power endangers the Evergreen Forest.



    More awesome 80's television. Cops on bikes as two Californian patrol men ride and glide there way through a series that inspired the need to have buddy,buddy movies/tv series here after. This is where it all started 'Starsky and Hutch' on bikes!



    This is Steven Seagals slickest movie when he's not in 'UNDER SIEGE'mode. This movie is full of boys fun,with excellent car chases,shoot em ups and what we favour from our hero the most hand to hand combat of the highest degree.Made way back when action films were at there peak this excites in movies that echo the likes of sly and arnie films of it's time.

  5.  Not got the legs to carry


    Effects drive this movie forward where Arnie can't.Not really the sort of film you could say works for him but never the less it's still okay.Not really pushing the acting bar out here and it shows a decline in his stage presence as he has to act off and against himself much like 'van damme' in 'double impact',but where as van damme it worked,this movie doesn't.True fans will enjoy as i did but realistically i wanted more from it and of him,bring back the ripped shirt days.

  6.  you one ugly mother,...............


    This is muscle overdrive!!! Crack commandos face off against an unknown enemy threat in the form of an alien super hunter.This flexes more muscle than any other Arnie,Stallone movie ever made.Arnies acting is shockingly believable and has excellent supporting cast from the likes of Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura.The villian in his fisrt appaearance on screen is a great debut for what starts an inspiring franchise on film.muscles,guns,foul language a plenty,blood,sweat and Arnie the biggest boyscount to hit the screen.the sound quality on the dts is awesome for the gun fights worth cranking up to irritate the neighbours! to own a copy is a must

  7.  ARNIES BEST!!!


    Yes ARNIE was good in Terminator but come on, see this!!! What Stallone never done with 'Rambo',Arnie does in this movie he brings to a larger audience! I love everything about this film even the cock ups which can be evident with a keen eye but thats the appeal.A great scene in this film is ARNIE shopping ;not for food but for weapons!!!! It's classic and when he hits the beach to put on his fighting gear you'll be amazed he looks bad ass and he is.He takes on a whole army to get his daughter back and what a fight it is!!!!!!!



    GERARD BUTLER convinced me with his singing truely the best 'Phantom' to cross the screen.The budget not cheated on in this movie as this looks impressive as it is expensive. Each character sings with passion and neither falter where i thought they would.'music of the night' is justifiably the best song in the movie and 'BUTLER' nails it like 'Crawford' did in the stage version originally.Best musical of recent years.

  9.  RUN FOREST,RUNNNN!!!!!!!!


    TOM HANKS in his finest of forms. Who else could star and bring the hearts of everyone who watches this to a stand still.This movie is a rollercoaster of a different sort and you follow a young boys journey through to adolecence,it's exceptional.It carries an overwelming amount of emotion through out the whole film.it'll make you cry,men and women and it's worth every tear!!!! the most heart warming story ever on screen.



    MICK DUNDEE a name that should ring on inside everybodies head that watched these movie in the eighties. The first movie was the surprise hit of it's year and had the heart and soul of a near perfect action/adventure film.Paul Hogan the star of these films excels in a simple but yet perfect role tailor made to for him and can't see how any other person could of played his role.the second movie i didn't think was gonna better the first but it does!!!!!!clearly the best one out the two bigger and better story,more drama,comedy,action,romance it's got the lot.and an excellent background score that adds as much emotion to the movie as the acting does.clealy a nugget of gold here!