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  1.  Brilliant album


    This is a really good cd. My favourite out of every album she has ever released. I really reccomend it, love her new direction.

  2.  wise man!


    Gerryman1 is a wise man, what's the point in complaining to play if you haven't read the product description properly, it's hardly their fault!

  3. Jane


    Jane McDonald - CD

    5 New from  £5.26  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29



    5 stars are awarded just for the title...creative! very creative!

  4.  Meh


    A little underwhelming after about 8 listens. A big fuss was made over 'I Will Posess Your Heart' but to be honest the track takes so long to kick in that I had lost interest by the time the vocals started. Lyrically this is a good album but it didn't really hit my spot. Decent effort though, hopefully it's a grower!

  5.  WHAT???


    Don't listen to that last review (apart from the comment about season 4 which, admittedly was the worst season of Buffy) The musical episode was just awesome television. This may be my favourite posession.

  6.  Ridiculously Weak


    After reading books like 'The God Delusion' and 'End Of Faith', I decided to remain open and at least take in some of the ideas contained within 'The Dawkins Delusion?'. The arguments are painfully weak and in some cases don't really seem to reach a point. The book begins with a horrendous account for how the author managed to change the views of an atheist by refuting ideas that science disproves religion without really telling us how it does so...

    An obvious attempt to cash and discredit Dawkins work as the above review points out.

  7. Boo



    27 New from  £1.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.60

     'There will be more'-let's hope not


    I don't think i have EVER seen a film where the actors look so disinterested. They are allegedly scared out of their wits but happily take there time trying to find an escape route...i get the feeling 'Wouldn't it be Nice' by the Beach Boys was in their heads the entire time. Not even worthy of so bad it's good 'Boo' is just bad full stop.

  8.  Meet me tonight in Atlantic City...


    A fantastic collection, maybe i'd have altered the tracklisting a tad but nonetheless a cd bursting with quality tunes. A great get up and get dressed cd. Bruce is still the boss.

  9.  Mars sparkles down on me...


    One of my faovurite albums ever...i was a little wary about what to expect from the comeback album from 'The Wedding Present' but it is defintiely my favourite of their studio recordings. David Gedge hasn't lost his edge! Couldn't resist giving it 5 stars.

  10.  Should it have carried on?


    I agree with what the previous reviewer said. This is without a shadow of a doubt my least favourite of the 24 seasons. The plot became tiresome and where i used to find myself unable to contain the excitement until the next installment, i was surprisingly indifferent...or maybe my disappointment comes from comparing it to season 5 (which was in my opinion the greatest season of 24). Still, if you're a fan it's worth watching.