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  1.  Best War Game since Operation Flashpoint!!!


    This is so much better than call of duty.
    The single player campaign is totally enthralling and takes a good amount of time to complete.
    The best thing about this game is the online multiplayer. The maps are huge and well thought out. Modes such as Gun Master (where everyone starts on a level playing field with the same gun) and rush (where you have to advance as a team through enemy lines) are so addictive you just can't stop playing them.
    If you like any free roam or 1st person shooters then you will love this game. If you are a big fan of the military games then you will probably wee yourself as you won't be able to leave your sofa to go to the loo!
    However, be warned that this game is so good and there is so much to do that everything else in your life gets neglected.
    Even the weapons and vehicles are the latest technologies such as the F-35 stealth fighter and Havoc helicopter.

  2.  Very good game!


    This game is much better than any of the recent Medal of Honour or Call of Duty games and i have thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the game so far.
    This game is brilliant when played solo in the campaign missions and is fantastic played co-op or multiplayer online.
    Graphics and scenery interaction is excellent with most objects and buildings taking realistic damage.
    Weapons and upgrades are excellent and just the right difficulty to keep you playing as the upgrades are all challenging to get, but not at all impossible for even the most casual of players.
    This game is another class and I would recommend this game to all gamers as it can be as serious and challenging as you make it.
    If you liked any of the; Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, or Rainbow Six Games then you need this game in your life!!!

    Graphics: 9/10
    Weapons: 8/10
    Solo Gameplay: 9/10
    Online Gameplay: 9/10
    Re-playability: 9/10

    The only reason i have not given this game 10 out of 10 is because if we give it a perfect score then the game makers will think that they don't need to improve on the next one.

  3.  Just watch Ferngully instead


    Yes this film has amazing imagery and excellent CGI but the story line is exactly the same as the animated classic: Ferngully.
    This is well below the standard that should be in a film as big and high budget as this, and I am angry that they could not have put some thought into a new story that gave you some emotion, left you angry, upset, empowered, anything. The original; Ferngully, is more emotive than this.
    Instead of being a powerful thought provoking emotional masterpiece, the film just wraps up like a neat little Hollywood parcel and leaves you with nothing other than the feeling; "that was nice".
    The film is worth watching for the imagery and maybe I'm being a little harsh with a two star but hype needs bringing back down to earth.

  4.  A fantastic game.


    This game is brilliant. The game provides real "free roam" freedom with the ability to explore a massive landscape and find rough diamonds that you use for currency and weapons.
    The game is based in Africa within a war between political parties and illegal organisations. You are stuck in the middle of it and suffering from malaria. You undertake missions for all the waring parties with the ultimate goal of killing a man named "The Jackel" who is an arms dealer. You meet several characters along the way that help you out or give you missions and there is always a choice of where to go, what to do and how to do it.
    The weapon variety is unusual and very good as you gain access to better weapons by helping the arms dealers. I highly recommend the dart rifle once you have increased your ammo capacity as it delivers a "1 hit kill" from any distance on any part of the targets body.
    The only irritating thing about this game is the enemy checkpoints all over the map, it is fun attacking and clearing them but as soon as they are out of sight then all the enemies re-sporn so they will never stay clear.
    Vehicle driving is excellent especially with multilayer, so you can shoot while the other drives.
    Fire is very useful as many things will explode or ignite when shot and if a fire starts it will spread and potentially kill enemies.
    This game keeps you on the edge of your seat and is that good and so vast that it is immediately re-playable.
    I would recommend this game to any gamer and although the checkpoint thing lets it down, it is still a 5 star game.

  5.  Definitely Worth Playing


    This game has so much information in it regarding all the teams and drivers it is worth buying it just to have such an archive of information. I have spent hours reading all the driver and team history's.
    The driving is exciting and very realistic if you set it to difficult or simple and forgiving if you set it to easy. Even with the odd glitches that other reviewers have mentioned it is a great racing game that gives you complete control over the car set up, tyres, team contracts and also lest you race as little as 20% of each race if you are more into the management and progression aspect rather than enduring 50+ laps but you can race every practice, qualifying, and race lap, on every accurately created real circuit if you want to.
    The multi-player can be great fun with friends and even if your not a big F1 fan, if you like racing games you will definitely enjoy this.

  6.  Phenomenal


    Another outstanding effort from codemasters.
    This is everything you could ever ask for in a game of this type.
    The landscape is vast and detailed, with the missions travelling over great distances.
    Fighting is sometimes intense and required skill in controlling your team and advancing, and when the fighting is less intense you can use stealth and sniping skills to take out targets 100s of meters away.
    The graphics are excellent and the weaponry is diverse and suitable.
    The missions are dynamic and progressive with great diversity and takes you from being a small squad on recon to being in an all out battlefield in front of an advancing army.
    Some levels are difficult and the travelling between missions can be a bit too long but it is still all worth it.
    If you have not played Operation Flashpoint games before then start with "Dragon Rising" and if you enjoyed Dragon Rising then you will certainly enjoy this.
    I rank this game much better than any Call of Duty or Medal of Honour so far!

  7.  A great game but has some draw-backs


    This game is a must and should be played by everyone who usually likes this type of game but I found several bits of the game that bothered me.
    The game is very fast paced with bullets flying everywhere which makes it very exciting but you always seem to survive so it seems to lack a bit of realism. Also it is absolutely pointless to pick people off from any distance as enemy's will not stop appearing until you advance. For a coward and someone who enjoys the sniper role like me, this makes it very frustrating. The helicopter flying section is also poor and disappointing.
    Weapons in the game are primitive and the good ones seem to be very rare during campaign.
    Even with these points i feel that the game was still exciting due to its fast and frantic format and the story comes from a whole new angle but i feel if you want a serious special forces game then it still has to be Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon 2 or Rainbow 6 Vegas (these are now old but still unbeaten in my opinion).
    Like I said: Worth a play but not worth the hype it has received or the price it was released at.

  8.  Funny and challenging.


    This is a great puzzle and exploration game that tests puzzle solving, coordination and speed. It has good graphics and great variety in the levels. This is a good alternative to the military violence that dominates the gaming market at the moment and provides hours of fun for all the family. I have given this 3 stars as it is a bit simple and repetitive for adults and more serious gamers so i did not enjoy it as much as a younger person would.

  9.  A must see!!!


    An extremely funny film from beginning to end. If you liked the Austin Powers films then you will love this and if you didn't like them then you will still love this as it is more of a family and girlfriend friendly film.

  10.  Serious gaming!


    This is an amazing game that requires skill accuracy and adaptability, and if you liked the original you will definitely enjoy this.

    However, this is not an easy game, nor is it meant to be. You have the freedom to carry out each mission how you want to through the direct control of 3 other squad members and the ability to roam anywhere and utilise any weaponry vehicles or helicopters you come across.

    Easy mode gives you the less realistic assists with an enemy radar and a constant objective or way-point marker. Also on easy your squad heals or reappears at each way-point. (what else do you need to make it easy). On hard setting you have no radar or way-points and nobody heals automatically. You must heal them or order them to heal each other.

    This game takes a little while to get the hang of but so do all good games. Once you have found how to control your teams fire, stealth and assaulting methods you will be unstoppable and thoroughly enjoy single player mode.

    Weapons and equipment are excellent and there is a good variety of different mission styles and objectives. All vehicles can be mounted and controlled. you even get the choice of seating position.

    Hint: Read and follow the mission objectives accurately and you will find the missions more interesting and much easier especially where you are instructed to avoid contact.