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  1.  Best In The Series!


    loved it!

    the 3D is the best i have ever seen in a film - even better than Avatar in my opinion ! i cannot see how many critics have panned this film , its bloody amazing! :O
    the action is fast paced , the film has scenes made especially for 3D (which makes it more awesome!) and its more frightening than the rest of the series. the soundtrack is brilliant and makes the film more serious and scary. the acting is great , especially by Milla Jovoich! the ending leaves it open for another sequel which i , for one , cant wait for xD i cannot sing this films praises enough - go see it , eve if just for the 3D factor :)

  2.  a good watch


    although a little boring , an american haunting is a good film, but i wouldint buy it as it is a watch-once movie . some parts are hard to figure out but i liked the twist at the end , even if it was weird ...

  3.  great!


    i went into this film , not really knowing what it was about , and was pleasently suprised! nicole kidman is a great actress and was well suited to this role but daniel craig annoyed me a bit ! there was some points where they spoke in 'science talk' and i was expecting one of the characters to say 'what?' but they never so i was left slightly baffled to what they were saying but the movie left me scared to go to sleep at night!

  4.  Amazing!


    i dont usually watch many thrillers but i loved this one ! jodie foser was fantastic as was kirsten stewart . the plot is well thought out and the climax at the end is amazing! another suberb jodie foster film !

  5.  Good!


    i was a tad disappointed about zombieland , there is little zombie action , more bonding than anything and it aint THAT funny but despite all that it was good ! when there was zombie action , it was actual scary and the way they avoided them were quite inventive ! must watch if you liked Shaun of the dead !

  6.  Gripping !


    Loved it , the original is ..... Well rubbish to be honest , but this is gripping! You feel sorry when the characters start to die but the way they do is sickening (in a good way though lol) if you watched the original , watch this one .

  7.  undecided...


    not really sure whether to hate it or love it , the plot is good and the monster is scary but on the other hand the acting is dire ! i suggest you watch/buy it to see =)

  8.  watchable


    when i read the plot , i thought i knew what was gonna happen but it went in the other direction ! good acting by the main lead and there is one part involving this women and the sea which is weird but good film !

  9.  not good !


    the part that ruined it was the mad women and her tribe of 'believers' , but if you liked the fog you might just like this .

  10.  meh !


    not bad , a silly but good plot and i found parts either jumpy or random , overall good !