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  1.  Strong and captivating


    Very good story about Dan and Candy who fall in love. Candy is brought up in a strickt family and Dan is not her parents ideal choice for their daughter. Dan and Candy are drawn to drugs due to Dans habit and the film turns to a darker theme. Following the two youngsters fight for survival we are left clinging to our seats. The film is exciting, scary and its not for the faint of heart.

  2.  Vimes is the best!


    Commander Sam Vimes and his ruthless band of Night Watchmen are back again with more adventures. I really enjoyed the last book of the City Watch. This time they are supplied with more Watchmen and some of them are a bit strange. Who let them join the Watch? They will let just about anyone in these days..

    Joy and laughter all the time. I had not finished the last Pratchett book about Vimes before i had to start on this one. Long live the Watch!!

  3.  Yum Yum - Discworld in my tum


    Nanny Ogg has finally been persuaded to write her cookbook for the enjoyment of all Pratchett fans. A huge variety of dishes from the mistress of cooking. Lets hope people find it truly amazing. I certainly did - and the dishes were tasty!

    A very nice Pratchett (Pratchett / Ogg) book. Real quality and very enjoyable reading!

  4.  Time goes by...or does it?


    The Monks of time have a real difficult job to do - pumping time from place to place. There is always places where there are people complaining about not having enough time to do their tasks and thats where the extra refill of time is a good thing. Or is it?
    The race have also begun to construct the first clock. Will it work properly?

    A nice book from the masterful pen of Pratchett. I just could not put it down (the book that is). Enjoy the read!

  5.  The best novel out there!


    Commander Vimes has the joyeous task of upholding the law in Ankh Morpork, along with his strange and unsettling band of watchmen. Together they have to stop assassins, trolls, brigands, robbers, thives and nobility from completely destroying everything around. Not an entirely easy job.

    The best Pratchett novel around. I just could not put it down. I even bought is as a audiobook to take along in the car. Truly amazing!!

  6.  Disaster looms! Call for the next disaster..


    Rincewind, the near hopless wizard, is called upon to save the Discworld population. His crazy adventures brings him and his friends closer to finding out what is threatening the Discworld. Can they do something about it? I doubt it..

    This is the sequel to Pratchetts Color of Magic. And its fantastic too. I really enjoyed this small series about Rincewind. Cant wait for the next book about him.

  7.  Pratchett universe in the beginning


    I was introduced to Terry Pratchetts universe and crazy world through this first novel. And what a way to start. The story of Rincewind and his funny adventures. A failed wizard trying to make his mark on a weird and highly dangerous world. I loved this book. Lots of humor and i laughed all the time.

    The choice was not very difficult when i chose my next book. It had to be Pratchett all the way!!

  8.  RATS!!


    Maurice is a very clever cat. Along with some trained rodents he manages to live a life of ease going from village to village staging fake plagues of rats. This con-game is very well organized and everything seem to work out - but then the game is rumbled!

    A very funny book for people of all ages!

  9.  Post is always difficult to master


    The job of getting the postoffices in Ankh Morpork up and running properly is very difficult. However one man, Moist von Lipwig, is determined to do the right thing. He has to tackle the job of getting the mailmen to actually do some work. Are the post routes safe? Can he do the job? Time will tell.

    An excellent book for the true Pratchett fan. Wish there were many more books of this calibre out there.

  10.  Program guide is good


    A very nice book about the show and a good background info of the Red Dwarf episodes. It also contains info of products and collectors items you can get. A good book you should get today!!