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  1.  It's alright


    Basically if you like HSM you will most probably like this, as it is basically HSM but at a summer camp, generally i believe it to be worse than HSM because the songs are not as good, the story plot is typical for disney. But if you like disney HSM style movies then its worth seeing.

  2.  Some improvements, some let downs


    Firstly the style of combat is now more revolved around guns, than the orignal xbox style of picking up whatever you want to kill zombies is less availble to the player. Thankfully in this version of the game some annoying features of the 360s dead rising have been removed, there is no longer a time limit on the whole story line and sub missions are now much easier to read, however by doing this the game has become easier and will be less appealing to those who enjoy a challenge.

    The storyline of Dead Rising is good, but certain parts can become frustrating such as in many parts of the game you will have to complete side missions before continuing the main story line. The resident evil 4 engine works well on the game, another problem alot of in game events were moved into side mission or removed, which ruins the unexpected occurance of having to save people from zombies or other people.

    However two new modes were added to make up for losses the 360 had which the wii can't handle, one mode is a shooting mini game and another is bunch of levels you have to do with certain requirements and can be quite entertaining.

    Overall the amount of content avalible offers a fair amount of game time and secret unlockables are still avalible for this version. If you enjoyed the original dead rising or other capcom survival game then this game will be a good choice but it is generally nothing that special about it compared to the original.

  3. BioShock



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     Awesom game


    Bioshock offers great amount of gameplay, the combat is split into guns and special powers known as plasmids, there are great customisation for both. The stroyline is of a good quality and changed depending on whether your alignment is good or evil. The enemy characteristics are good as they have there own personalies and can be amusing to listen to. Controls are easy to use and do not take long to get use to. The storyline can last for a fair amount of time depending on how much time you spend playing. The only problem ive encountered is the learning curve from easy to medium is much higher than expected but if one is struggling the difficulty can be changed in game. Defrintly a great game worth buying!

  4.  Brilliently scary


    Fear 2 offers most of the same features as Fear 1, but the graphics has been improved, the combat and combat gore are of goood quality and the storyline its self is gripping. Fear 2 can have you sitting on the edge of your sit with some of the scariest moments ive ever expirienced in a game, alot of fun can be obtained from this game and is defrintly worth getting if you enjoy first person shooter and horror. Also online players can play enjoy online matches such as deathmatch, team deathmatch etc, the online is of a good standard. Defrintly a game worth getting!

  5.  good but can become repetative


    Oblivion allows alot of character custamisation, such as the looks, skills, abilities, weopens etc. The free roaming is good and a fast travel feature is availible to speed things up, there is alot of side mission activities to complete throughout the game giving you plenty to do. The music and graphics of this game are good.

    However certain factors of the game are push backs, firstly the combat can get quite repetative as you will generally be tapping down a triggar alot to perform a sword swing, there are not many combonation of sword attacks avalible and secondly certain areas of the storyline are annoying such as hell gates which are generally boring and dull to go through and are generally the same for each one you go through, also they can take a long time depending on how good you are at working a map

    Generally this game is good, it has plenty of gametime and custamisation availible, the use of swords and spells during combat spices up the killing. A game defiantly worth getting for the cheap price.

  6.  Brillient!


    This game amazed me, its combat system was amazing and very easy to use, the game offers alot of variety throughout it such as certain rewards avalible for achieving a factor within the game such as clearing the hardest difficulty, this variety kept me playing the game untill everything i could do was done.

    The wii remote and nunchuck are easy to use and bring the action events to a new level and are easy to use for game combat, the story mode is long and offers the player a long amount of game time. Many different types of weopens are avalible to the player although the storage system could be seen as some what annoying, its still usefull and a good design.

    Overall this game is one of the best availible for the Wii, any resident evil fan or survival horror lover will be more than satisfied by Resident Evil 4

  7.  quite good, but some annoying problems


    The graphics of the game are good and of nice quality, there is also a high level of customisation which can bring in a few extra hours of gameplay depending on how much you enjoy making different mechs. The control system is good and easy to get use to, there is also a button re-configuration to make controls even more comfortable for the player. A new game plus feature is also present for players who wish to keep playing, a 1 vs 1 ranking system where the player fights a computer controlled mech is avalible and lasts for 30 rounds, this feature was good fun to use.

    The main difficulty i expirienced with this game is the framerate lag present in some levels, usually those that involve fighting the giant mobile battlestation's, however this framerate lag tends to stop once enough enemys/objects have been destroyed. Secondly those who wish to use co-op mode can only play missions that they themselves have already completed, this is good for improving ranks of a mission or completing a mission on a higher difficulty, but are not able to go through the story line with a friend. This links into the next point that by selecting the wrong mission could lead you to miss some missions because you accidently moved onto another chapter, by just doing the story missions the game can become quite short, but by being carefull with mission selection more gametime will be avalible to you.

    Overall the game is good but some annoying problems such as the framerate lag lower its appeal, but for a price around £20 is worth getting if you enjoy fast paced mech fighting or are a fan of the series.