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  1.  Incredible reboot.


    Castlevania took me a day to complete. I'm not talking a day as in one or a few sittings, I mean 24 hours. It's long. It's big. And..... It's awesome. I suppose the greatest testament to the game is that it was never a slog or energy draining, it actually felt like a quite short game, I enjoyed it that much. The gameplay itself is fun if not particularly innovative, with combo based slashing making up the combat sections. Puzzle and platform also constitute this beast of a game, both being fun without being particularly taxing. I also really enjoyed the various beasties you fight along the way. I should also mention that the graphics and voice acting are superb, adding to the excellent story. It's pretty damn epic.

  2.  Never lets up.


    Gears of War is the franchise that really nailed this particular type of game. But what happens when the creators of this brand of shootery take their idea back? Vanquish happens. Seemingly inspired by Gears, this is a third person shooter that rockets along at an unbelievable pace, perhaps even when you wish it would let up for just a few moments. The genius of Mikami is present here, so it's a game of high quality and production values. It also gives a hilarious take on what Japanese developers believe to be the all- American hero. Lightning reactions rather than tactics are key here, due to the intensity of the fighting. It's a very good game, but needs to insert a breather every now and then so that it doesn't completely destroy your senses. It's blisteringly quick fun that assaults the your eyes and taxes your fingers.

  3.  Good


    Good, solid, cheap cable that can support 1080i and the other HD settings.

  4.  Budget Fun


    I am by no means a fan of baseball, which I suppose is testament to the game that I still enjoyed despite next to no knowledge of the game, teams and players. A very arcadey game, it has good grasphics, a chunky career mode and over the top home runs. If you've ever played Fifa Street or NBA Homecourt, this is to MLB what they were to their respective sports. Fun and addictive.

  5.  Very surprising


    What first greets you when load up Alpha Protocol is some shoddy loading screens and clinky menus. Indeed, when you venture into the game itself, you see that it looks truly awful. Despite these obvious flaws, AP really is a gem of a role-player, with some great Mass-Effect style dialogue and some good shooting sections. The levels of customisation are very deep and due to the many choices to be made in the story, it offers good replay value. The cover system and shooting are agreeably chunky and if the Bond style 'spying' isn't your style, you can go sneaky. Obsidian obviously have a flair for the dialogue, with truly Mass Effect equalling choices and consequences. If you can ignore the obvious flaws and concentrate on the strengths, you'll find a role player of real excellence.

  6.  Masterpiece


    Rockstar have done it again, they've added another to the 360 hall of fame. The whole experience is completely stunning, with brilliant attention to detail. The graphics are amazing and the story keeps pace throughout. Everything is so believable and responsive. I won't go into cascading hyperbole about Red Dead, I'll just say that it's a great game that everybody should experience.

  7.  Surprisingly good


    Whilst some of the recent NFS' have fallen below the high standards set on previous gen, this definitely does not. It's a good racing game and probably only bettered by Grid in it's particular brand of racing. There's a chunky career mode with pretty good variety, adding time attack and drift to the regular racing modes. The game employs a system of precision and aggression, awarding players for clean driving or demolition derby style. There are problems. On higher difficulties the AI is brutal, getting away from you on straights even when you possess the quciker car. Also, the endurance races which take around half an hour can be enfuriating if you make a mistake towards the end. Regardless of issues, this is an enjoyable game with some nice touches.

  8.  Excellent stop-gap


    Whilst Fifa may be accused of over saturating the market, once you've played this excellent game you'll agree that it is worth the price. The game gives a fantastic representation of the tournament itself, steeped in atmosphere and well presented. Whilst the in game options are slim, theres the obvious, full campaigns and online. Whilst this may seem a stopgap between 10 and 11, there's a lot of improvements in the gameplay. A good game and great to play with friends.

  9.  Worth the wait


    With the long will it won't it saga over, all thats left is to actually play the game. Remedy have got an excellent reputation thats set to increase with the release of this. Alan Wake is excellent. The story is the best part. I wont go into too much detail as you should experience it for your self. The game employs a third person perspective where light and dark are used effectively as your weapons. It plays a lot like Resident Evil, but is better than Resi. If you liked that you'll love this. The story gets a bit confusing at times but, overall this is a fantastic game which is well worth investing in.

  10.  Good Game


    This game has got a lot of good ideas, although not all of them are particularly well executed. I enjoyed the game and it's got a nice lengthy campaign (longer if you play as both brothers). Set before the original, you play as the McCall brothers as they search for the treasure of Juarez. The shooting is average and so is the story, but it's fun and had great visuals. I mostly enjoyed my time with the game and for just over a tenner it's bargain fun. Has it's flaws but non are game breaking. Good game.