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  1.  No brainer buy


    This is a best buy for me. HDMI cable should in theory work 100% or not at all. And this worked 100% for my PS3 to Panasonic TV.

  2.  Good value for money


    Having 5.1 speakers is really not practice. Logic3 TX101 is very good value for money and suitable for large living rooms without the clutter. Films and games sounded fantastic. However musically it is clearly bad and no match for the wife unfriendly 4.0 system I had using 2 full range speakers at the front and bookshelf speakers at the back. I think a 4.0 is a good compromise especially if you have play music via a hi-fi but for films and video games Logic3 TX101 is more than you need.

  3.  Acceptable quality starts here


    These are you benchmark portable headphone providing a beautiful neutral balance and wide frequency response.

  4.  Poor Sound Quality


    Because of the sheer amount of proper bass these earphones provide users reviews will always say something like they sound ASOME DUDE. But they are one of the most expensive earphones I own that went in the bin. Far too much bass top end. And sadly the midrange was awful. You have to spend allot of money for good ear phones and this is not one of them.

  5.  Quality


    Despite the very cheap price and no interchangeable caps this is a quality manufacturer and a decent high speed data transfer. Presume they all come with clear caps.

  6.  Good keyboard


    Nice chunky keys and reasonably compact though could easily be more compact but certainly better than the hideous multimedia keyboards. Very stylish match for the black M$ Microsoft Habu Mouse.

    Well positioned play, pause, mute and large volume buttons perfect for gamers using headphones. No next/previous buttons for those that use the PC for music. Support legs too small if you like an angle.

    Otherwise perfect.

  7.  Great Vision.....GOOD SOUND! Aimed at thetwonk


    To thetwonk who claimed this unit has POOR sound and went on to say "Trust my review the other guys cant hear great sound when they hear it" has not got a clue. I am an audiophile. The £35 sony buds would fart because they have silly overblown bass and shocking mid range. The Zen has superior sound to the Ipod you just need a decent ear phones to bring the sound up such as by Koss and Sure.

  8.  Superb but check compatibility


    Its fast enough to cope with anything on my Cannon Powershot S3 and is offered at an crazy price. Check your manufacturer to see if it supports the new HC or it will not work.