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  1.  Great Game - No Replay Value


    Great game with beautiful graphics...just a shame that once you complete it...well...that's it. multiplayer is pretty poor and has no co-op,

  2.  Incredible Game.


    As a massive fan of the original, I was extremely sceptical about this revamp being released. Thankfully I didnt have to worry at all as the finished result is fantastic. Firaxis have reworked it in key areas to make the game a far less complicated yet more involving game in which you actually care about your soldiers. Games such as 'Brothers in Arms' should take note. Very few bad things to say about it except for a few frame rate issues and the customisation could have been a bit more in depth.

  3.  If you have Windows 7, don't buy this.


    Great game...but its this price for a reason. Doesn't work on Windows 7.

  4.  Great game...pointless multplayer.


    The single player element of this game is excellent. Great storyline, brilliant cast for voice talent and generally great playability.

    The Special Ops section is also extremely fun to play with a friend.

    Muliplayer is quite simply dreadful. Its basically an arena of geeks. If you have a busy or even normal lifestyle...you wont bother with this. If your a jobless teenager, have no friends or someone on the doll....your'll be in your element.

  5.  Still a great game but......


    Basically, this game is pretty much Street Fighter 2 with some better graphics and a few extra characters and moves. Sadly, for some insane reason, the creators have decided to gift us with the most boring fighting venues imagineable (historic distillery?????), O and you cant forget the most uninspired, boring and weak excuse for a main bad guy....'Seth'. This guy is basically a Blue Man from the IBM adverts and uses the same moves constantly (most moves from the other charaters in the game).

    If your a hardcore Street Fighter fan then this game will definately appeal to you.....if not just buy the HD Remix version of Street Fighter 2 from the Playstation Store and this is really not much to shout about!!



    This game is a great addition to the total war series but its also the most buggy game i've played in a long time. Crashing to desktop, units do what they want, terrible ai, lags far more than the demo. Its not what i have come to expect of creative assembly. I still have high hopes for improvement however, so lets just pray they release a very large patch to correct the many problems and not rush to release any games so early in the future.



    This is quite simply one of the best, most involving games i've ever played. Normally, i find online games tedious and when you have a few hardcore gamers who practise every night of their lives (nerds), there proves to be little point in bothering. Because you have to stay together as a unit you find this gung ho morons get killed quickly and so are forced to act as part of a team! A must for online gamers.

  8.  Class game, room for improvement though!


    At last a fully completed Pro Evo has hit the PS3!! I was really frustrated with 2008 which eventually I did end up loving anyway! Im afraid im one of those guys who has to have every player and every team emblem corrected (SAD I KNOW). This game has brought back the ps2's editor at last so im a happy man! Gameplay feels a little stickier and the computer controlled players close you down much quicker which is ok and im sure everyone will master with time. With Fifa bringing out a game worth talking about this year, i thought pro evo's number was up...happily i was wrong, However Konami appear to be running out new ideas fast and i think it could well be a draw this time next year between the two football big hitters!

  9. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    3 New from  £14.82  Free delivery

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     WHY KONAMI WHY?!?!?!?!


    O dear god....i cannot describe the bitter dissapointment i am feeling towards this game....no im not a FIFA Fan.....fifa is worthless rubbish that doesnt deserve a mention....the fact is this game is not tested and not finished... What you will immediately notice about this game is how slow it has become, the ball feels to heavy and the way the players run looks ridiculous. I completely agree about an earlier review stating it is like playing a PC game on a PC which isnt powerful enough. The frame rates are embarrisingly slow and they completely put you off watching the replays. Other things ive noticed are they have got rid of the 'International Challenge' option from the main screen, they have got rid of any kind of decent training mode and for some reason i think they have got rid of the man of the match stat after a game. I can only pray konami sorts themselves out and release a patch or upgrade....then this game might be worth buying for £40.00.



    I got this game with my PS3 and i have to that it this game is a true joy to play. It is by far the best racing game i have ever played and it seriously gets your andrenaline going, especially Online. It mixes simple arcade gameplay with the best next-gen graphics available! A must have for all PS3 gamers.