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  1.  Amazing from what little I've Seen


    I've seen very few of Mr. Bean (The ones that stand out is when he goes to the hospital, goes swimming, goes for a picnic and visits one of the royal guards), but I've loved what i've seen.

    Is this box set ALL of the Mr. Bean episodes made, or is it as it says, series 1-5?

  2.  If you haven't got it, then AGENTS....ARE....GOOOO!!!


    I'm not usually a massive fan of rhythm and dance type games, but was strongly recommended to buy it. Needless to say, I'm very glad I did.

    The basic story is that whenever someone cries for help to overcome a major problem, the Elite Beat Agents are there to help them overcome it, whether it's to help someone direct a successful film, or to more bizarre problems like helping someone overcome a fire breathing golem.

    The concept is very simple. You just tap and slide the numbered circles while spinning a wheel from time to time to the music being played.

    It's a very simple game to get into, as you'll eventually begin to time your taps well after only a few goes, and doesn't start off to hard to begin with. However, as you progress, you'll unlock more, harder songs to beat, and eventually unlock harder difficulty levels. When I mean harder difficulty's, I mean MUCH harder. I'm still stuck on the final song on 3 stars, and have heard there is AT LEAST one more harder setting. It's not a game you'll finish in a few days unless you're very quick. This could put some people off mind, but will give many people a good challenge.

    It also boasts a good multiplayer, even through one cart. I've only done this via one cart, but this alone was good to play against someone, flowing smoothly without a hiccup on either side.

    Lastly to mention is the lovely cutscenes and animation detail before and after each song and cutscenes during the song. All of them are in Japanese style anime (This game is based off the Japanese original after all), and all are worth watching at least once through just for it's weirdness. In fact, it's worthwhile going through each song and purposefully messing up (Having your bar in the 'No' bit). The cutscene is usually humerous to watch. The agents themselves look nice in their 3D models, and dance on the screen fluently with no slowdown at all

    Overall, this is a great game that boasts great graphics, very good gameplay, and long lastability IF you challenge the harder difficulty's (Which I'm sure you will). A strong multiplayer to boot makes this a must have title on the DS.

  3.  Decent effort, but plenty of faults


    I'll begin with the good bits about the game. The layout of the game is nice and simple (With tutorials to help out if you required them), and the control system is VERY easy to get used to due to the DS's touch screen. The live commentary is a neat touch as well, a little similar to the Football Manager games.

    However, this is let down by quite a few things:

    1. A VERY out of date roster. My team, Cardiff City, still had Matt Green (Sold), Robbie Fowler (Free to Blackburn), Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Released and retired), Steve Thompson (Free to Burnley), Michael Oakes (Released) and Glenn Loovens (Sold to Celtic), maybe one or two others, and yet had no Comminges (Our first signing of the summer), Heaton, Bothroyd and E. Johnson. Had McCormack though, which makes it more strange.

    2. Loans are very messed up. I loaned Kalou (Don't ask how) for an initial 11 weeks (Max it'll allow). I looked at his contract, had him till 2010. Very strange. Same went with Vela and Baines (Again, don't ask how).

    3. Some players drop drastically in rating for no apparent reason. I had Vela playing (And scoring) a lot, he was rated in the high 60's/low 70's. After one random game, his rating dropped below 50!!! He wasn't suspended or injured.

    4. It's unrealistic. As well as the Kalou and Baines loans, I got promoted as Cardiff to the Premiership, and looked at players out of contract. I was able to get Petr Cech, Steven Gerrard, Wes Brown, Xabi Alonso, Nicolas Anelka and Dimitar Berbatov all to me. This obviously put me in real money problems, which is also confusing. Surely I should be sacked if I'm £30m in debt???

    5. Lack of content. What you see in terms of players and teams is what you get. You can only manage in the english league, and buy players only in the english league (So if you're a prem team, your pool of players good enough for your club is very low). I know this might be due to DS limitations, but surely 1 or 2 more top leagues wouldn't have gone amiss.

    If you can find this on the cheap, I'd consider giving it a shot just because it's a simple on the go game. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it.

  4.  A Must Own Title!!!


    This game is generally a turn based strategy with Nintendo cartoon style graphics, but don't let that put you off, because beneath the looks is a game that even the hardcore could find difficult.

    As mentioned in Play.com's description, following on from the last two games on the Game Boy Advance, the Black Hole army has regrouped with new CO's and weapons, and are once again attacking the Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth nations. As a result, the four nations combine forces to become the Allied Nations to fight back against Black Hole.

    There are new CO's and new units to command and use, including the massive Megatanks and Black Hole's Black Boat amongst others. New maps are also included in the game amongst the other maps from the previous two, as well as your usual map editor.

    There are some new modes as well to test you, including a combat mode (Make an army out of a certain amount of funds and beat all the CO's with that army) and a survival mode (EG. A time mode where you have 30 minutes to beat all the CO's).

    This is one of the best DS games to be released so far with its stylish looks and solid gameplay with enough modes and gameplay variations to keep you going for a long time.

    Along with Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros., this is a game that NEEDS to be in your DS collection.