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  1.  CRYSIS 2 Eats COD and KIllzone for breakfast


    best game of 2011 no joke!!!! cod is done :) next generation of fps. worth every penny!!!

  2.  black ops eat your heart out


    i sold black ops for this game and it was the best decision i have ever made this game is by far more in depth and the look and feel of this game is just outstanding not to mention using the sharpshooter controller with the move makes it feel that urge you have felt in previous FPS games it certainly adds a tactical advantage. the multiplayer is what makes this game with so much to offer i wouldnt be suprised if we see a zombie mode released for this game if you havent got it yet BUY IT WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

  3.  Top Of Its Class !!!!!!!


    Firstly before i begin let me say i have never waited so long for a game to be installed 1 hour 20 minutes then 10 minutes to update!!!! let me start by saying this has been well awaited with 4 years under polyphony digital belt they have really come through with a well trimmed and well presented driving simulation so for anyone who is new to the series its nothing like need for speed or burnout this is a driving simulation with realistic handling and weight issues along with the norm licences to open up new cars and new special features. The graphics are stunning with loads to offer plus a soundtrack that can be chosen to anyones taste :) they even have RUSKO!! (for any of the dubstep heads). there is over 300 plus hours of game play here with an added online play so you can race and trade cars with your friends. i have only played this game for a few hours but i am hooked and there is so much versatility here that it will have something to offer everyone. a well recomended and well awaited game.

  4.  Ps3 Is Moving forward.


    I have had my playstation move now for a little over 3 days now and i have been blown away completely by the response and feel of the playing experience ("start the party" hours of fun). With games like resident evil 5 using the motion controller and navigation controller brings a whole new feel to the game.

    the starter kit is a perfect buy and at such an affordable price unlike Microsoft's "kinetic" at 130 pounds ( is really not worth the price and has so many flaws ).
    The playable demos supplied are fun to play but very short lived and take up such big amounts of room on your hard drive it really seems worth it for a game that last's 5 minutes.

    i would highly recomend this as it out does the wii and xbox combined and will have adults and children entertained for hours, (if my misses can be entertained by this then anyone can lol)

  5.  This Is DUBstep..... Dubaholics have a slice of this.


    Get darker have done it again another banging mash up of the new and old dubstep beats that make this scene the must be. crank up the bass the sublow is gonna move you ...... BOOK NOW OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2K10 DUB IN THE SUN.

  6.  Borderlands Blowing up!!!


    This game is amazing even the multiplayer is top notch with the choice to play with 4 of your friends. It will blow you away with over 500,000 different weapons not to mention your characters own action move!! The ability to choose tour own character class and build up your stats customise your weapons even build vehicles. Its just an amazing game a must have for any fall out fan or fps, same gaming controlls as cod 4 so is easy to play and is highly addictive. 10/10 Hands down!!!!!!!!

  7.  Operation Destination success


    There was mixed reviews about this game at first and when i was researching about this game and what the developers were hoping for it quickly caught my attention. from the outset i thourght this game was clever, the abilty to give commands and heal your own team members aswel as yourself. The graphics and the sound are spot on with complete realism through out the game, Also the fact of having the ability to call in air strikes of different calibres, The gameplay takes some getting used to the game does not run at the same pac of cod at all it is a realistic war similation but with fun extras. One of the thing's that caught my attention was the realism of the enemy troops and how they reacted under fire or when injured. i would give this game 5 stars as its 1 of a kind and for all war fans its a must have. the multiplayer servers are very slow and lmited at the moment but what more could you expect and we all know full well that will be improved in a short amount of time. i highly recomend this game to all war fans and for any one who wants a challenge. this doesnt feel like a game it feels like more of a taste of what real war is like.

  8.  Halo ODST


    The Gameplay is very basic and feels extremely rushed i played it for a good few hours and got bord easily as its the same thing over and over. The enemy A.I is terrible they take cover at certain times but apart from that even on the hardest of levels seem very dim and after a few shots lay dead on the ground.
    the single player game feels like your playing Halo 2 on the original xbox quick simple and just a straight forward shooter. in all honesty i would wait for halo reach as this game has been rushed and pushed out way too quickly as bungie could have done so much more with this title.
    2 out of 5 for the firefight mode only but this game should never have been released.