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  1.  Time crisis at its best


    What a great game.

    I bought this when it first came out (for a much higher price) and have not looked back!

    It has a large selection of modes in the main game in addition to the 2 extra games that come with it!

    This is an essential buy for anyone that enjoys rail shooters or time crisis.

    Multiplayer mode is great however on smaller tv sets it can get a bit cramped to play on.

    Online is shakey at best but I didn't purchase the game for that mode.

    Using the move is natural and is enhanced by using a gun mount for the move controller.

    All in all buy this game now!

  2.  Essential buy for a budget


    Bought these to replace some studio phones and I could not be more impressed.

    Initial impressions are in a word.... WOW!!!

    VERY affordable for the quality of the product.
    Great full rich sound(obviously not as all encompassing as the more expensive models but for the price jump the difference is negligible) with plenty of use able bass
    Lightweight - can be used on the move and transported easy. Also easy to wear for extended periods int he studio as they don't weigh the head down.
    Comes with a removable 1/4 inch jack plugged into a 3.5mm audio jack. Plenty of versatility there
    Long (meters) audio cable for pretty much unrestricted movement.
    Loud audio through the speakers.


    For extensive wear the muffs are not padded enough. Can cause pain on the upper ear eventually.
    Unneeded movie/music switch. Difference is unnoticeable at best.
    Adjustable headband is not quite snug enough when on tight. Too much wiggle room.
    Noise loss can be a problem. They are not totally sealed so audio can seep through when using them. Be aware of your surroundings when using at high volume as they can get very loud.
    Ear muffs do not swivel 180degrees (ala DJ style) which can get frustrating

    Overall a great set of phones for a tiny price. You simply will not find a better set of phones for the same price.

    Highly recommended 4 out of 5 stars (they are not prefect so they can't be 5 stars)

  3.  Great read


    Gav Thorpe steps away from his comfy seat at GW HQ and into the home of the Eldar.

    Essential reading if you like the Eldar in games workshop, it provides tremendous insight into the workings of Eldar society and how the warrior castes integrate with society.

    Introduction into the world of Warhammer 40k
    Speaks to veterans of the lore and gives them the insight into the Eldar they crave without leaving new comers scratching their heads in confusion.
    Very well developed and rich characters in an even more interesting backdrop. The setting is as much a living character as the Eldar themselves.


    Slow starting pace. If you are not totally sold on the book going into it getting through those first few chapters can be a slog.
    (personally) Strange character abandonment about 3/4 of the way through the book left me a little disappointing.
    Simply not long enough! After a slow start the books picks up tremendous pace and before you know it its all over.


    If you have any interest in Warhammer read this book.
    If you have never been into the Warhammer then this might tempt you into a new lore rich hobby.
    Not only one for the Warhammer fans. A great science fiction story by itself.