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  1.  Saints Row 1 With A New Story


    I wasn't expecting anything special from this title, in fact I only picked it up to try out the co-op gameplay. This I must say is very impressive, and makes the entire game worthwhile. The storyline is mroe of the same, and the missions liekwise are virtually identical to SR1, but I think what really sells this game is the ability to play the whole game story and side missions through with a friend which, as with all co-op experiences, makes the game infinitely better.

    If you are looking for a solo playthrough I certainly wouldn't go home and fire this up on my own, but as a co-op title I do find it infinitely more engaging. Gang related crime, but now with friends.

  2.  Great But Short


    When I saw this game advertised I was immediately interested. Conceptually they are attempting something very different, and I think it really pays off. The storyline is relatively engaging, but let's face the facts, all you really want to do is pull off some gravity defying parkour moves finishing off enemies with their own weapons.

    When I started my playthrough I really couldn't stop playing, it is a really well thought out game, although my only difficulty is the overall length of the game, no more than 5 hours. I could imagine if I had gotten into the time trials this would have prolonged the experience, however I found this just a little boring once I had already played through all the missions.

    I still feel this game is worth a purchase as it provides a very different experience and most certainly an enjoyable one. I will definitely play through this again.

  3.  Perfection


    I will start by saying that I am a big fan of RPG's, so when this was pencilled in I was very interested. From the moment I turned it on I was hooked and didn't stop playing for around 23 hours, and even then there was more to do.

    The whole Mass Effect world is incredible, every detail from regions, races and story makes you want to find out more. The storyline is like sitting through a film and you will find yourself chasing the next piece of it. Combat is always a tricky one in this genre, however here they have nailed it spot on. Although I did find that my second playthrough even on hard you just rip through enemies and have more or less no chance of dying.

    This has got to be one of my top 5 games, all I can say is get it and you won't regret. Eagerly awaiting Mass Effect 2.

  4.  Left Wanting


    I have always been a fan of the Resident Evil series and have found ever release an engaging and tense playthrough, so when I pre-ordered this back in '05 I was expecting big things.

    There is no doubt that they have delivered an incredible looking game. However I feel the essence of a real Res Evil game has been omitted. I enjoy the RE4 style camera over the shoulder view, however I found this game very linear, there was no roaming around open(ish) regions trying to find the ways to open doors and access areas. Instead it felt very constrained as if you are just walking down a straight line shooting zombies and occasionally hitting a piece of pretty patchy storyline until you are pretty thankful the game is over.

    An excellent addition was that of co-op which made my playthrough mroe bearable, but if you are looking for a genuine Resident Evil experience, look elsewhere. I won't be touching this game again.

  5.  Exactly What It Says On The Tin


    When I bought this game what I wanted out of it was to sit behind the cockpit of a jet fighter and shoot planes, choppers, tanks and boats out of land and air. It turns out that's exactly what I got. I played the whole campaign through in co-op, and whilst a couple of the missions were a little tiresome the majority of the game was excellent fun. I would say it's a little on the short side with the campaing lasting little over 6 hours, but this is extended with some entertaining online play. If you are looking to think you're Maverick from Top Gun then I would say this is a good bet, if however you are after more realistic simulation then this probably isn't for you. Would definitely play through again.

  6.  Average At Best


    I bought this game expecting an engaging storyline coupled with good gameplay. However, I find myself entirely disinterested by the storyline, and the actualy gameplay is pretty boring and repetative with the same actions being performed over and over. I will grant jumping around the city scape is entertaining for a short while, but in my opinion I would only buy this game if you are desperately in need of something to play. Definitely not a classic.