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  1.  Disappointing


    I bought these to replace a pair of Sony MDR-V150 headphones that my sister 'borrowed'. I wasn't expecting audiophile quality for the price, but something comparable to my old MDR-V150's which were just under a tenner seemed reasonable.

    Unfortunately these fail to deliver, very poor bass response, and a nasty tinny midrange makes them a poor choice for listening to music. They seem alright for gaming, but not ideal and it takes some wild equaliser settings to get a tolerable sound quality.

    Overall in summary I'd say they are on the plus side comfortable to wear and quite robust with a nice long lead. On the down side the sound quality is cheap and lacking in depth, avoid if you are buying these to listen to music.

  2.  Very enjoyable RPG.


    I really enjoyed playing this game, despite a few minor niggles that reduced it to four instead of five stars, I'll get to those at the end.

    The plot is refreshingly believable and immersive despite being based on the generic save the universe from destruction theme. The gameplay is smooth and graphically impressive with a nice clean interface, I assume this is because it has console pedigree, but don't let that put you off.

    Many games that wear the RPG title seem little more than interactive movies with very little emphasis on gameplay, thankfully this is not the case with mass effect. Though at times it can suffer from inventory overload, with the plethora of weapons and addons.

    However it's not hard to compare items as they show colour coded bars to identify upgraded stats from what you currently have equipped, so it's not hard to pick out the best ones for your squad, your tactics or your mission.

    This game has a nice spread of classes and other options, which means it has a lot of replayability, which amplifies my disappointment that it comes with the draconian DRM that only allows for three installs.

    The only other major niggle being the squad AI and pathfinding, sometimes they seem to completely disregard your commands and just run in madly, or run right around a room to get to a spot of cover that's right in front of them. That aside, with some care you can keep them working in a useful fashion, and it doesn't detract enough to be game breaking.

    Overall this was a very enjoyable game with enough depth in both gameplay and storyline to keep me coming back to replay it.

  3.  This is how games should be.


    The storyline is absorbing and immersive, with believable and entertaining characters and dialogue. It's definately got plenty of replay value as well, due to the different classes and storyline options.

    Though still essentially linear the story flows nicely and gives you enough control to make you feel like you are part of it, and not just progressing through an interactive movie.

    It would have been 5 stars but it does have some issues with poor squadmate AI. Most of the time they perform well, but they will need constant babysitting to stop them from running off and getting into trouble in some missions. They also seem to have an annoying habit of crossing your line of sight just as you begin firing, this is especially noticable when using the sniper rifle. It's not game breaking, but it can be quite annoying and does detract a little from the gameplay.

    Overall though this is a very enjoyable game, with plenty of depth in both storyline and gameplay.