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  1.  Enjoyed it


    A quirky victorian investigative romp that is hugely enjoyable. In a parallel Victorian London a crown investigator unravels mysteries around a group of missing females and various murders. Lending a fair amount to Sir Conan Doyal and his Sherlock Holmes and to the League of Extrodonary Gentlemen. Easy reading, good plot, nice charaterisation. Looking forward to the next one.

  2.  Love it


    I admit it up front. I am a Bernard Cornwell fan. I am always a little wary when I read historical novels as I always compare them to Mr Cornwells. Well let me assure you, you will not be disappointed with this book. Nice rounded characters and epic battle and fights all gloriously described against the backdrop of Robins Sherwood forest. A great easy read, that is up there with the best. Recommended.

  3.  Not as good as the first one


    Maybe after being spoilt with the first book I expected more. Don't get me wrong its still an engaging story with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, but Reacher just isn't as dynamic as he was in the first book, and if I am truthful, he didn't hurt enough people!! Don't be put off, Reacher is still a great character and the book is still worthy of a read, you may just be a little disappointed if you have read Killing Floor first.

  4.  needs some work...


    I had a few issues with this book. The basic premise is sound and the idea sort of works, but, sorry Nigel, I was not overly impressed with the way it was written. There are to my mind a few contextual errors, which I found annoying, bits of important info are rushed over and the use of descriptive language I found repetitive. The attempt at charatirisation don't really work and the speech between characters and their interaction doesn't feel real.Not terrible, but not too good.

  5.  Made me feel cold


    Not the type of book I usually go for, but gave it a try. To be honest alot of it was hard going, and the book seemed to take an age to get through. The descriptions and the historical factors kept me interested, and the description of the freezing conditions in which the story is set certainly come across well. I was left a little cold however by the final outcome and felt a little let down by the concluding chapters. I felt the book was a little slow, with the action not coming at pace, but rather building in the background. If you like a story based on history then given a horror/fantasy theory gloss on top then you'll like this book. Just don't read it in winter...

  6.  Great Book


    Its not many books that you want to finish quickly so you can read the next in the series. This is one of those types of books. The main charachter is a real hero, if a little cliched, but he is a hero that you can rely on. Chil does an excellent job of pointing out the observations that Reacher, the main man, makes and how he comes to the conclusions he does. If you like a good thriller adventure book, you wont be going too far wrong with this title.

  7.  Another top book


    Anyone who reads Bernard Cornwall knows what to expect. A well written story based around actual historical events, which is fast moving and engaging. This book delivers all this in Spadefulls and is hugely enjoyable. We follow our hero from enrolment to the battle with the usual Sharpesque rising hrough the ranks. The descriptions of the locations and battles are superb and make the book difficult to put down. Well worth a read.