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  1.  Quality film!


    I'm really looking forward to this being released on bluray, I took my girlfriend to see it at the cinema because I was looking to get in her good books. I thought I'd be bored but I was surprised at what a good film it actually was.
    Also there is an epic scene involving Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis that is worth the price of the bluray alone.

  2.  Essential viewing.


    Though I already have this on dvd, I felt I had to get the bluray version as I love the film so much.

    It is a beautifully shot film with breath taking visual effects and stunning fight scenes. This film really is epic and every bit as good as the more popular "Hero".
    I cannot compliment this film enough, it is a must see film for anyone who hasn't seen it.

    As for the conversion to high definition; Well Im actually quite dissappointed. The film has some of the best cinematography I have seen in any film and I thought this would be greatly advanced with HD but unfortunatly it wasn't.
    Yes the picture is better than dvd but not much better, maybe I was expecting too much but it just seemed like it could have been better.
    The sound, however, was greatly improved. That you will notice.

    I give the conversion to HD 3 stars but that isn't going to stop me giving this 5 stars overall as the greatly improved sound and the sheer brilliance of this film far out weigh any small issues I have with the picture quality.

    If you like this film you should buy this bluray version just for slight picture improvements, better sound quality and the extras.
    If you haven't seen this film, put it in you "Films I should see" list.

  3.  Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!


    Absolute gold!

    I love this film and have been waiting ages for the proper presentation it deserved.
    I have it on dvd but it is one of the old dvds that was two-sided which does this film no justice.

    Im so happy to now have it on bluray, it looks and sounds fantastic.
    I love Tim Burton movies and this is probably my favorite one.
    Anyone who likes this film should definatley buy the bluray version, it really is brilliant.

    The film definatley benefits from high definition. The colours are richer and the sound is also greatly improved from the dvd format.

    Its a 5 star film in my opinion and I give the conversion to HD 4 stars.

    £11.99 is cheap for a bluray and it is worth every penny of that.

  4.  Buy this!


    I have been looking forward to seeing this for so long, I wanted to see it at the cinema but unfortunatley I couldnt find one that was showing it.
    I recieved the dvd from Play.com this morning and couldnt resist putting it on straight away.

    It is exactly what I expected which was 75 minutes of cinematic gold.
    This is without doubt the best horror I have seen in recent years.
    Though clearly inspired by the "Blair Witch Project" and "28 Day/Weeks Later" it feels so original and unlike any of the big-budget rubbish the Americans give us.
    This is an absolute must buy dvd for all, not just people into horror or people into world cinema but everyone and for the price £5.99 how can you afford not to?

  5.  Essential Addition To Your Bluray Collection.


    Older films dont always convert well to high definition and can sometimes be very grainy but Goodfellas isn't one of them.

    This is probably second only to The Terminator as far as films I have seen the most, honestly I must have seen Goodfellas atleast 20 times but seeing it for the first time on bluray was almost as much of an event as the very first time I saw this on video back in the early 90s.

    The picture is, in a word, brilliant. It might not be as crystal clear as new films shot using HD cameras but for a film made nearly 20 years ago it is fantastic and worth every penny.

    The film is a 5 star film and the conversion to HD 4 stars.

  6.  Actually not a bad remake.


    This film is not nearly as bad as people make out.

    I saw this film earlier in the year with my girlfriend by accident really, we went to the cinema to see Rambo the day it stopped showing so we ended up seeing "The Eye" instead.
    I wasn't expecting much, if anything from this film as recent remakes of Japanese horror films have been terrible and I think it was for that reason I actually enjoyed the film.

    I was genuinley surprised, I thought I would have hated it but I didnt.
    Yes this is a dumbed-down (Americanized) version of the original but it is still an entertaining film with enough suspense and scares to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    The only thing I really didnt like about this film was the ending, it should have stayed true to the original film and I have no idea why it was changed.

    Overall I give this film 3 stars as it is above average but I would advise people to check out the original.

  7.  A Great Film Just Got Better!


    I already had this film on dvd but bought the blu-ray version from Play.com last week and Im glad I did.

    I watched the blu-ray disc last night on a full HDTV through my Playstation3 and at first I was very unimpressed and trying to figure out why the blu-ray version is 13 pounds more expensive but then when I put in the dvd copy I have straight after it I realised how much of a difference there actually was.

    The darker scenes seemed grainy but when compared to the dvd copy not nearly as bad. Its funny how you dont notice how grainy the dvd is until you compare it to the blu-ray.
    The brighter scenes though during the day were brilliant. The colours were deeper and everything was crystal clear.

    The sound quality is also improved though it isnt blindingly obvious. Like I said its only when comparing the dvd with the blu-ray version you notice a difference.
    One thing I did notice though is that the sound seems very loud when the music comes on during a scene, I had to turn my TV down a little bit a couple of times.

    My only real problem with this is the way it markets itself as the "Extended Version".... It says on the dvd it has a running time of 103 minutes and the blu-ray version has a running time of 105 minutes, well that doesnt seem like much of a difference to make a song and a dance out of and I didnt see anything on the blu-ray version that I didnt see on the dvd version so I feel a bit short-changed.

    Apart from that though it is quality and I am glad I bought it.
    I am a big fan of Tim Burton films and I loved Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice so for me its money well spent but Im not sure anyone who doesnt buzz off this film like I do will feel spending 18 quid is justified when for a fiver you can get it on dvd.

    Overall I give the film 5 stars and the conversion to High Definition 4 stars.