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  1.  This is the real kick ass film!


    The action are brilliant and so violent yet so appropriate. It also based on the issues that Burma are currently facing and Sly has done well to bring it to people's attention. All in all a great Rambo movie!!!

  2.  Perfect end to the Rocky saga!


    A perfect end to the Rocky saga. People may snigger but Sly is a talented writer, director and actor who deserve more respect. Hopefully he can come up with some new films beside the Expendables and the Rambos.

  3.  Impressive!


    Inception is impressive and intelligent. Buying this bluray-dvd is well worth it because of its repeat value.

  4.  One of the greatest shows ever made!


    This is an amazing show. Fantastic stories and performances. Many, many memorable characters (D'Angelo, Omar, Stringer Bell, Avon, McNulty, Bodie, Bunk, Carcetti, Bubs etc). It is an intelligent, realistic, emotive and engrossing show. Buy it, worth every penny!

  5.  Fun AND fitness


    Make you health concious so good for fitness. But will be fun along the way and useful for the whole family. Great innovation.

  6.  Great Will Hunting!


    Superb film. One of my fave films. Many friends and family rate this film highly. Superb script from Matt/ Ben with a great performance from Matt Damon. Robin Williams and Ben Affleck are brilliant in their supporting roles. There are many memorables scenes such the "sistine chapel", "its not your fault" and "baseball" with Robin and Matt. While the sequence with Ben lecturing Matt about "god given talent" was another one. The ending was different but apt. A truly moving film. A great effort from director,Gus Van Sant.



    A real summer event movie. Just like those earlier films from the 80's. Very enjoyable and have seen it three time in the cinema. Excellent repeat value.

  8.  Top thriller!


    This is one brilliant thriller with a perfect cast. All actors had well defined roles. Amitabh Bachan, Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai do well but are outshined easily by Akshay Kumar. He plays a top policeman who is a bit corrupt but with comical touches. Even Tusshar Kapoor did well in this film despite being one of the poorest actor in Bollywood. Lastly a special mention goes to Atul Kulkani for his role. Solid performance. As usual Raj Kumar Santoshi is on top form with a fast paced film that can easily compete with Hollywood and the chinese/ japanese/ hong kong films. It is great film but nearly spoilt by one song pictorisation that was totally out of place but other than that, a top thriller!



    12 Men in one room... sounds boring, doesn't it? Well, let me tell you this is an all time great! Great acting line ups, great dialogues, tight editing. This film has repeat value, I have seen this film countless times. In fact, I am going to watch it in a minute AGAIN.



    Powerhouse acting! Powerhouse dialogues! Stunning line ups of acting giants (Lemmon, Pacino, Spacey) and underated character actors (Ed Harris, Jonathan Pryce and Alan Arkin). James Foley has done a great job in putting this film together based on a great script by David Mamet. As for Alec Baldwin, his small but VERY EFFECTIVE cameo is an ABSOLUTE STUNNER! POWERFUL FILM!