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  1.  Suzuki on 25th Reich


    Thanks Harry Mudd for your imput. I was in a well know supermarket and saw this film for 5 pounds, I didnt buy it as I wanted to check it out on play.com. The small clip showed it to be undisirable for me and your review clinched the big NO NO. thank you for saving me some money. Suzi

  2.  Suzuki on Fright Night


    Fright Night is a refreshing change from the normal vampire movies
    no one person believes in vampires especialy about the guy next door. The effects are brilliant and continuety is at its best.
    David Tennant puts the five star into the film. Im sure it will make you jump gasp and laugh. A very enjoyable film.
    Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell are brilliant together. Some beautiful girls, and dumb guys make the film funny. The sound track is brilliant, great music worth every penny; entertainment at its best.

  3.  Suzuki on (sentinel)


    I love horror films, but have watched to many and need a change. I've watched the trailer of this film and its a shoot em up killing film. Lots of robotic police keeping law and order to well, there's next to no people left. So yes its time for them to die, so I'm going to watch them get shot up by the human vigilantys, the leader being a sexy woman with a gun that never runs out of ammo. Go get em girl.

  4.  (Suzuki) Nazi


    This is one of those film where anything can come out of the woodwork, its funny, absurd and takes the mickie out of every character in the film. I think thats why I enjoyed it, if you like to see everyone make a fool of there careers as politicians,military officers, soldiers,lovers,this is for you appsalutely bonkers.Have a laugh......

  5. Frozen



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     Suzuki (cold)


    I enjoyed this film, but more could of happend. The idea of being stranded on a high ski cage sounded awesome, anything might happen. Alas I guessed my way through it, lose phone, ice burns, drop off fractures, and wolves. But as said I enjoyed it, the ending is good. Hope to go skiing myself soon, will check my phone is charged.

  6.  Suzuki


    I have a number of play.com memory sticks for my computer, Iv'e just bought a tv with a U S B memory connection for recording. Can I use these play.com memory sticks on the tv, or do you have to buy different types.

  7.  Suzuki


    Very good film the special effects aren't the best but the ending is the best I have ever seen, the spiders gave a bit of horror, and the religious actor, got what was deserved. Realy worth watching, hope a 2nd MIST is made carrying on from the end of this film.

  8.  1suzuki1


    I watched this film with wonder,It didn't fail me, realy well acted, good story, an excellent adaptation of bringing Jekyll: into the 21century.

  9.  1suzuki1


    Ricky Gervais, not very keen on his humor,TV office was embarassing in a way. However this film was good well acted,good directing too I liked the ending a great deal, the story predictable but fun, worth watching, buy it.

  10.  1Suzuki1


    What can I say? I was thrilled, immersed and on the edge of my seat from start to finish with this film. It is written in the thrilling style that we have come to love from the Bourne Trilogy with the grit of a hardened gangster film. Liam Neeson producers one of the best acting performances of his career without any major supporting. I hope he does more like this film (true grit) I rate it a 5