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  1.  The Game That Started It All.


    The game that started the franchise. This is sort of like the test for checking out the perfect balance between shooting and exploring.

    Basically its a really good game (must for ps3) but as you know. The 2nd and 3rd games a even better so start on number 1 and move over to 2.

    Love PS3!

  2.  Best Bang For Your Buck


    What can i say? It's borderlands with even more Borderlands? Hell yeah it is!

    My Borderlands adventure started at a friends house. He wanted me to play on of his game called "Borderlands" I was completely interested in the game purely for the weird graphics. Something i've not seen before.

    After a couple of hours i became hooked and loved it so much i got it for my Xbox360 right away. After i swiched to a far better console (Playstation 3) But my first copy was the original, without the dlc.

    I wanted to play the dlc and got the Game Of The Year edition, such an epic collection of interesting places and characters. SO much to do for the cheap price it as (around 15 pounds)

    BE AWARE that this game focuses on missions, be prepared to be going back and forth many times, but you'll get used to it because its so fun shooting things up!

  3.  The Best Missile Killing Game Ever Made!



    This game is so much better than the first mercenaries game that came out. Mercenaries 1 was really good game with lots of fun blowing stuff up. Thats why i love the series, its endless ammounts of fun.

    PLEASE IGNORE people saying this game suck, The graphics are beautiful, some times a little buggy like the first but you will not really notice them, beacuse your too busy blowing shit up with the "Mother Of All Bombs"

    A very good game indeed, i was really disappointed when i found out that Mercenaries 3 was put on hold. I love these types of games, they really focus on having fun. Good times!

    GET IT!

  4.  Wow, This is a INCREDIBLE game. Bioshock 1 is BETTER


    Rapture isnt dead.

    Buy it because you will never find another game that feels just like it. This is not a better game than BioShock 1 but a damn good follow up.

    If you think that the gameplay will suck since your now a "big daddy" your wrong. It puts you in a different point of view and the weapons and plasmids all feel different yet familiar.

    The levels you get to explore is just breath taking and outstanding. This is something you just have to feel.

    You will not be dissapointed !

  5.  It Keep's On Getting Better.


    Mercenaries 2 is a big leap forward for the franchise. I found myself lovin the first game and had to get the number 2.

    Why do i love this game?

    I love the fact that you can use all the different types of weapons the world has to offer a mercenarie. I love setting up a missile strike that kills everyone that is shooting at me, its a good feeling and the animation is beautiful. Thi game will keep you entertained for many hours since there's many side-quests to complete that doesn't have nythng with the original plot.

    You will find yourself more interested in just destroying building with rockets instead of the campaign.

    DO KEEP IN MIND that the mercenaries games are heavily buggy and you will find yourself being frustrated many times because of it. look beyond that and this is a good game. Much better !

  6.  Deep And Incredible


    This game has alot to offer. If you like a game that has a good story and good feeling. Than this is the game for you. I was never in doubt about getting BioShock, becayse it looked so damn good.

    I love to kill and stunn my enemies with plasmids, and i love the oldschool feeling i get when i use the weapons (shotgun, machine gun ect) Buy this game if you like originality and a game with a extreme mysterious story...