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  1.  An astonishingly good game!


    I bought the game on the strength of the previews. I was pleased when the actual reviews were positive, but being entrenched in Far Cry 3, I didnt pick it up until recently. Initial impressions were average as it seemed to be one cutscene or QTE after another. However, after the first 45 minutes to an hour the game suddenly ditched those QTEs and opened up into one of the most gripping and astonishingly good games Ive ever played. It definitely bears comparison to the Uncharted games, which are some of my favourite games of all time, but this Tomb Raider reboot surpasses Uncharted 3 by quite a stretch in both story, longeveity and graphics. It is beautiful, balanced, challenging and rewarding - almost a perfect gaming experience. I cant comment on the mulitplayer, but the campaign kept me gripped on the edge of my seat for hours. Buy it now!

  2.  Brilliant!


    Having enjoyed GTA 4, but throught it overlong, and not really taken to Saints Row, this title had been languishing in my drawer for a while unplayed until I picked it up the other day as a break from Darksiders 2....and I haven't put it down since. It's a while since a title has kept me up until the early hours on work nights, but this is such a great game, the story is superb, difficulty perfectly pitched, graphics excellent, car handling awesome (much better than GTAs slippery handling), and the different quests make for a really all in excellent gaming experience. I would unreservedly recommend this game to anyone.

  3.  Never wanted it to end


    Engrossing story, brilliant narrative, full of action - this was a game near perfection. I can't comment on the multiplayer, but the single player is lengthy, enjoyable and really well done. Bravo Rockstar, another quality title in the bag.

  4. Rage



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    I went into this game not knowing what to expect...and what I found was an awesome FPS with a good storyline, and the best enemy AI of any FPS ever! One of the few games I have played to conclusion without getting bored. And i dont understand those who say it is too short as it has around a 10 hour campaign....Get it, you won't regret it!

  5.  Awesome!


    I went into this game not knowing what to expect...and what I found was an awesome FPS with a good storyline, and the best enemy AI of any FPS ever! One of the few games I have played to conclusion without getting bored. Get it, you won't regret it!

  6.  Awesome!


    What a refreshing change! An FPS that is actually deliriously fun to play. No slogging through dreary levels - this game has a sense of humour, and some of the best ways to kill people in a game! You try lassoing someone, booting them in the face and then shooting them in the head as they bounce back - without a smile on your face!.

    All in a great game, solid single player, amazing graphics, couldnt put it down until the end. The only other game that has done that to me is Uncharted 2 and maybe Enslaved. Wow.

  7.  WOW!


    I wasnt the biggest fan of KZ2, but this has made me buy it again. Killzone 3 is arguably the best FPS on PS3. It has a solid single player campaign, amazing graphics and excellent multiplayer. Unusually for an FPS it has a good story as well! I didnt put this down until I had played it through to the end, and enjoyed all of it. You could actually feel the height of the MAWLR!

  8.  Incredible!


    When I bought this game I was skeptical as to whether it would be fun, or just confusing nonsense. Luckily it was the former! The game is a blast, non-stop mayhem from beginning to end. The graphics are incredible, even down to tiny detail like the gun visibly changing on your character as you cycle through them - nice touch!

    I found the game challenging, but not bone crunchingly hard (I didnt play it on hard level tho) - but once I had started playing it, I couldnt put it down until i finished it. Ive recommended this game to a few people as a result.

    One of the best games Ive played in a while.

  9.  Awesome


    I thought from the reviews this would be ok, but it's better it is brilliant! If you like Uncharted 1/2 you would love this. The acting is superb and the gameplay is second to none - a real treat to play. Awesome.

  10.  The best FPS yet!


    Having played and owned all the COD games, in my mind BFBC2 is significantly better than COD on all aspects. The graphics are fantastic and easily better than both MW2 and Black ops. The detail level when you are using sniper sights etc are excellent, and the care and attention that has gone into making this an outstanding package are there to be seen,

    BFBC2 has the most solid singleplayer of any of the recent FPS offerings and provides hours of challenging campaign. The multiplayer for me is secondary to the excellent single player, but is a much more fun and tactical experience than MW2. The fact that everything is destructible makes for some very challenging map changes!

    BFBC2 is also well supported with free map packs available and now the Vietnam experience (which I havent tried yet), keeping interest alive for the gamer.

    All in, I would say this is the best FPS out there, and at the prices you can get it for now, it is an absolute steal. Get it, and watch the hours zip by!