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  1.  dread films punk rockers uptown!


    picture quality and sound won't please the digital generation but 5 stars to dj don for pointing his camera in the right direction...as always.

  2.  if guitars your thing,jimmy's your man!


    i have known this man's name since the early 80's when i came across tom verlaine's COVER album on it's release. the past couple of years have seen me purchase more verlaine products namely the dvd "MUSIC FOR EXPERIMENTAL FILMS" and a concert in Glasgow both featuring jimmy which prompted me into searching his own music. blues with a modern slant. he's also formed a new band called JIMMY RIP AND THE TRIP. a good bit off the mainstream track but well worth checking out.

  3.  spend your cash on a curry!


    infantile nonsense.my review must be more than ten words but words fail me on this one!

  4.  not so wiseguy.


    tarantino took us into the world of gangsters and what they talked about in pulp fiction (foot massages and big macs).danny aiello plays the hitman at the other end of the line.the perfect foot soldier never to question why just do the job,always.this film is a million miles away from many gangster flicks,what to do when you've had enough.great performance from mr. aiello but not a shoot em up classic.a film for people that like mob movies but don't admire gangsters.

  5.  mustn't grumble


    i won't complain about the quality or length of this dvd but celebrate the fact that it exists! fischer z were quite simply a great rock / pop band lead by john watts superb lyrics and voice. his solo output was/is equally worthy of your time and money.

  6.  enjoy your trip!


    didn't have a clue who this guy was but took a chance and bought this only to discover a techno/electro masterpiece. his other recordings are well worth checking out.

  7.  pray to God the Americans don't cancel it!


    after watching donnie walhberg in the superb boomtown and runaway tv shows couldn't wait for this. tom selleck again proves what a great actor he is. check out his jesse stone movies if you love cop movies.

  8.  they make a big noise for a duo!


    i don't own any cd's of the doll's or amanda palmer but have both live dvd's and amanda's solo dvd. it's all about the raw energy on stage and the visuals of the promo video's for me. outstanding.

  9.  an unlikely lad.


    without taking any credit away from kelly macdonald my lasting memory of this movie is james bolan who plays her pimp. chilling and a million miles away from any role he had played before. a hard film to watch about a subject most people would rather ignore.

  10.  why does dito get such a hard time?


    discovered dito montiel's film debut "a guide to recognizing your saints" and was in awe of the man. since worked my way back and bought his music (major conflict, gutterboy and his solo album)a very talented man but reading reviews of his works there is always very mixed reviews.make your own minds up.the critics have got it wrong with this guy. genius!