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  1.  ** Really Enjoyable - Hours of fun - Great value **


    The first lego game that I bought was 'Indiana Jones' and I really enjoyed it. It was the main reason for purchasing this game and it does not dissapoint. As you get involved in the game the hours can disapear without realising that they have gone by. As per other lego games there are lots of puzzles to solve, loads of comical twists to the game & characters to collect. This game is well worth the 14.99 that I paid and is totally entertaining.

  2.  Great entertainment, lots of fun & loads of challenges


    This game is immense, it offers loads of challenges to gain new tracks & characters, which tends to train you up for the real racing that occurs on-line. Once you have all the tracks & characters, all that's really left to do is play on-line & that is where the problem is. I would of given it 5 stars, however the on-line playability is fundamentally flawed, as you are reliant on the player who is hosting the room to control when the race starts. You can sit there waiting for them to press the 'Start' button for ages whilst they are off reading their comic or making a cup of tea. If you want on-line racing that with no problems, you'll be better off with Mario Kart.

  3.  Excellent value, trendy & fantastic size


    You really can't go wrong with these glasses, 100% UV and very good quality even though very cheap. You will not be disapointed with these glasses and at the price you're not going to be bothered if you leave them on the beach.

  4.  Absolutely Brilliant


    This monitor is absolutly brilliant for my needs, whilst also being slim and trendy, light weight and stunning screen resolution. I personally prefer LCD screens above LED screens as the colours look more natural to me. For the price this is, you are getting a fantastic monitor form one of the top makers of screens.

  5.  * * * Fantastic * * *


    This must be one of my best DVD purchases, shame they don't do it in BluRay. If you like these films with Tony Jaa, then seek out a 2005 film called "The Warrior King", which was also known as "The Protector". It's also a fantastic film.

  6.  Excellent value and great glasses


    Excellent value and well made, very trendy as well look great. Great UV protection

  7.  * * * Check your cavities * * *


    Very, very good value and does exactly what it is supposed to do and I would have given it 5 stars had it not been such a struggle to get it through the wall cavity pipe. I had to remove all the other cables to thread this one through first, due to the 2cm chunk of plastic that is the EMI interference suppressor, this is not shown on the photo, nor is it's width mentioned. Once that was through and clear of the cable outlets, all the other cables could then be put back in. Fitting this cable turned from a 2 minute job into a 30 minute battle. Had I paid upwards of 20 quid for this 3 meter cable it would have gone back.

  8.  Thoroughly enjoyable, Great challenging fun


    If like me you remember the SNES version from 16 years ago, then you'll love this. It's all about conquering each of an initial eight lushly-coloured worlds, gathering bananas for health and lots of hidden extras, whilst grabbing puzzle pieces or letter icons for bonuses. There's a few different character moves added in addition to the original ones like enlisting the help of Diddy Kong & Rambi the rhinoceros, making the game all the more entertaining. If you seem to be having a problem with a particular level you can call on the assistance of the super guide and Super Kong will show you the basic way to complete the level, but it's down to you to find the secrets. It's a great game that once you've explored most of the levels you can go back and revisit the earlier levels and try to win all the secrets, before saying you've completed it

  9.  HOUSE


    This horror parody from Friday the 13th producer Sean S. Cunningham stars former Greatest American Hero William Katt as a best-selling pop-horror novelist who suffers an insurmountable case of writer's block after separation from his soap-star wife (Kay Lenz) and the disappearance of their young son. Hoping to purge his personal demons by writing his Vietnam War memoirs, he moves into the massive mansion once occupied by his deceased aunt (who hanged herself in her bedroom), and finds himself surrounded by demons of a completely different kind. Katt takes the weirdness in stride, attempting to face down marauding monsters, interdimensional trap-doors and other supernatural horrors while concealing his predicament from the neighbours (except for a befuddled George Wendt, who tries gamely to play along with Katt's hare-brained monster-fighting schemes). Followed by three sequels.

  10.  Mickey's house / Villains will have the whole family laughin


    Mickey's House of Mouse Villains seeks to do for Halloween what Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse (2001) did for Christmas. It's an anthology set on Halloween in the titular house, a nightclub where characters--including Donald Duck, Goofy, Jafar, Cruella de Vil, and Captain Hook--gather to watch Disney cartoons.
    There's a perfunctory framing plot with the villains taking over the House, but the 65 minutes is almost entirely filled by eight short cartoons. Five are very recent, with clinically clean computer animation, and three are vintage gems glowing with the warm detailed look of Golden Age Disney. These are Trick or Treat (1952), Donald Duck and the Gorilla (1944), and Lonesome Ghosts (1937), in which Mickey, Donald and Goofy star in what was surely the inspiration for Ghostbusters. The best of the new adventures is Mickey's Mechanical House, in which the mouse moves into a futuristic house which goes disastrously wrong. It's made all the more entertaining by a poetic rhyming narration delivered by John Cleese. Young children will love it all, while older fans may prefer a compilation of vintage Disney shorts.

    On the DVD: Mickey's House of Mouse Villains DVD contains a well-designed animated quiz game, "Wheel of Misfortune", that should entertain young fans for a while. Otherwise, the extras consist of three trailers and a "Fright Reel": a three-minute compilation of Disney clips with two Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks. The choice amounts to the same sound effects with or without music. The sound is good, except for the three vintage animations, which are in mono.