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  1.  garbage


    What a dissapointment this fillum is.

    It is based on a comic book retelling of this story and the whole look and feel of the film right down to its awful script slavishly following the original.
    The battle scenes are dumb, implausible ballets of cg slo-mo gore, the cardboard-thin, pretty-boy characters look more like a large boy-band than an army. God there were times when I wanted the Orcs, (sorry 'Persians') to win.

    Zack Snyder you owe me two hours of my life.

    History naturally was thrown out of the window for this retelling of the tale which wouldn't be so bad if the result weren't such damnable tosh.

  2.  Star Trek 12- 'The Search For Cash'.


    I think TV funnymen Lee and Herring summed this plum up best when they said that it was missing one extra final scene.
    They said the film should end on Goodman and Akroyd driving out to John Belushi's grave and urinating on it while blood-stained money rains from the sky.

    Perhaps a little harsh but I can't help feeling that I'm out of pocket after seeing it. It's not the money it's the ninety minutes of my life I wasted and will never get back......

  3.  Panzer Marsch!!!!


    The closest thing you can get to world war 2 tank warfare without losing your legs.

  4.  pants


    A pretentious pile of sixties schlock with nothing to redeem it.

    I think the director described it as a modern fable based on something or other. I forget what.

    Go out and buy 'Kelly's Heroes' instead, that's sixties garbage as well but a whole lot more entertaining.