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  1.  brilliant online


    i owned cod when i bought this and was worried it was going to be the same, but no its completely different. im not sure which one i prefer but tbh i dont even think they should be compared as they are so different. the online is fantstic and is about TEAMWORK, not just your score or your killstreak. its hard to get used to after playing cod but once your used to it, you'll find its a joy to play. the hardest thing i found getting used to was the enemies. in cod theyre clearly marked with red names above them, but on this they dont have anything until you get almost face-to-face which is very rare. this makes it more realistic, and more fun i think. if you like cod + bfbc2 you should defo get this, but cod fanboys stay away, you wont like it one bit!

  2.  Not bad!


    I had cod4 and loved the online of that, but didnt buy mw2 i rented it and i really hated it. quickscopes, noobers... you name bad things about games, it was in mw2, so i was very unsure about whether or not to buy this. i saw it quite cheap so i decided to go for it and im so glad i did. online is fantastic, back to cod4 roots with more options. i sometimes have problems with my NAT so i cant join games which is very frustrating, but i have combat training whilst im waiting for it to be sorted, which again is excellent! downsides? graphics. theyre rubbish for "next-gen" games, but graphics dont bother me so its not a downside for me, but may well be for other people. the storyline is ok, normal cod kill everything that moves, and veteren difficulty have gone back up to "impossible" leval after mw2 "veteran a.k.a easy as pie" level. its a challenge! overall game was pretty good but not a need in my collection. will keep for a while tho as online will still be buzzing for a long time!

  3.  Pretty awesom!


    One thing i have to say before you read this review:
    i have never read batman, or seen it, this is the first batman experiance i have!
    it was a big jump for me really becuase batman has never really grabbed me, but i decided to buy the game and god, i was blown away! gameplay is so smart, puzzles are at times extremely hard! the graphics are just fantastic and the story is amazing. you dont have to be a batman fan to love this game!

  4.  MUST BUY!


    This game is E.P.I.C! there is just no game that can compare! ive completed it and on the easiest difficulty it took me over 30hours to complete... i also own all the dlc which im guessing will add another 10+ hours... just buy this game you will NOT be dissapointed!

  5. Blur


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £52.91  Free delivery

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    i thought the demo was okay but I rented it too see what the full game was like and its absolutely brilliant! i was totally not expecting it to be this good! if you love mario kart and need for speed then you will no doubt love this! i dont feel you can really compare this with forza 3 becuase even though they are both racing games, theyre so different. comparing with need for speed would be more appropriate, and its so much better than NFS. its just so much fun to play, and the "fan system" as i like to call it brings something new to the gameplay, getting further with more fans than money makes sense. the multiplayer is also extremely fun =) its complete and utter carnage! the powerups are so good and its so different from all the other racers out there! BUY IT!! i know i will be :)

  6.  AMAZING!


    Such a happy feeling album, it always gets me in a good mood when i listen to it. he has such an amazing voice, just an all round brilliant album! MUST BUY!

  7.  Absolutely AMAZING!


    the sats are amazing, i love this album. the only thing i would say is that they should have put some feel good tracks on here, like work and up on chasing lights because most of the tracks are quite ballady... but apart from that its amazing =] listen to it with an open mind and... BUY IT!!!!

  8.  Brilliant!


    I think this game is amazing! the graphics are so good, it looks pretty realistic! some people have complained about the missions being very repetative, which they are, but there are 4/5 different areas to explore. it didnt take me long to finish it, but once you have then you can explore the cities and look for the flags if you want, or just simply admire the view =) its brilliant to clamber around, killing guards, escaping, then doing it all over again. you can hide or keep running and fighting. definately one of my favourite games, and i cant wait until assassin's creed 2 comes out =D

  9.  Rent it!


    I rented this game a couple of weeks ago, and i thought it was pretty good. i'd never played a tennis game before and thought i would try it out as i love playing and watching tennis.
    when you first start the career, you're at number 100, and have to work your way up, which takes forever! i think the graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay is alright, but it's tennis, and thats it. you play against different people, and they get better up the ranks, but everygame you do the same thing... hit the ball into the corners and if they hit the ball back, hit it into the other corner until they lose. i found it quite an easy game, and if i had bought it, i think i would get bored after a while as thats all you do the whole game. there are "mini-games" which are fun for abit. you can also play in Exhibition matches and arcade, which are just the similar to the career.
    i would recommend you to rent this if you're thinking of buying it, as i really enjoyed it, but it would get boring after a while =)

  10.  One Of The Best Games!


    Skate 2 is definately an AMAZING game! it has so much more than the original skate, and i personally love it. theres alot of challenges to do, (some which take two or three times to do) and theres plenty of space to skate around in, with lots of towns, spawn point ect. the choice of clothing and boards are great, and it loads alot quicker than the original skate loading time. this time around, you can also play as a girl which is a bonus!
    the main downside is the walking; its dreadful !! you have to stop to turn around and for an EA game, i expected better. but the fact you can get off your board is great =)
    i got my game 2days early from the release date, and not all my challenges came up in the game, which means i have to start all over again to complete the game (something which i will not be doing)... not good!!
    but overall, despite those drawbacks, i think its a game which never gets boring and i thinks it's amazing !