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  1.  Nice Shirt.


    Good T Shirt for someone who's leaving a company. T shirt quality quite good, printing is OK.

  2.  Holds Tight


    Good. Well Built. Better once you figure out that the bottom lip flips down to stop your phone falling out

  3.  Outstanding Multiplayer


    Having been a big player of BF3 on PS3, I got BF4 for PS3. Then upgraded once I got my hands on a PS4.
    The difference in the look of the multiplayer is striking.
    It's the same game (with more players on each side on the PS4 - up to 64 players.
    It just looks very very sharp!

    Multiplayer is very absorbing. With more players on some maps, it's quite a different game. As a player previously of Killzone 3 and BF3, I also have KZ Shadow Fall on the PS4, but I have to say so far, it's this game that's holding my attention.
    The campaign is OK. I certainly played it longer than the BF3 campaign, but for me - it's all about the mutliplayer. Which is very addictive.
    The level of destructible scenery has been moved on - watching a whole skyscraper come down in multiplayer is interesting!
    For a week or so, the shift of Aim and fire from L1 and R1 to L2 and R2 threw me. This seems to be common though, as it's the default conreol layout on KZ also on the PS4.
    However - I'm now well used to it, and not whining about it any more.

    No regrets.

  4.  Easy to set up - range OK


    I added this to an existing powerline network (running 6 of the 200Mbps standard TP Link Units)

    Wireless is easy to configure.
    Took a couple of attempts to pair it onto the powerline network, but that's probably just me.

    Wireless range is OK, not huge, but it means that the far end of the house is not bereft of wireless anymore.
    Set up using a seperate SSID, and secured using WPA PSK2.
    You can also set MAC address filtering too if you wish (I normally do, but haven't on this one).

    It also has a normal Cat 5 socket to plug in a network cable if you want.
    Button can turn wireless on or off.

    A little bit more range would have made it 5 stars, but then that could just be the physics of the location!

  5.  Good all round and at the price.


    The first pair of over-ear headphones I have purchased that I really like.
    I did my research, as there's not a lot of info here. so:
    They have 50mm drivers, giving a response range of 5 - 40,000 Hz which is a very good range. Not the lowest for bass (like the XB700s which look a bit bonkers), but very reasonable, and with a lot more high end response.
    Easily driven from an iPod, no problem.

    Sound wise, I'm more than happy. A good, balanced sound that's neither bass heavy nor tinny up top.

    They feel well made. Plastic arms, but I found no complaints elsewhere about fragility. They do not fold, which you may want to think about if you're going to carry them a lot.

    Very very comfortable, with reasonable noise isolation.
    The arms allow some movement of the headphones to swivel, so they fit nicely, and the design has the ear pads angled, rather than expecting the band to sit on top of your head precisely in line with your ears. It means they fit very well, and do not feel like slipping off.
    Not too hot and sweaty either if worn for a prolonged period.

    The lead is integrated, which I ideally would have liked as separate plug in, but it is quite a substantial piece of wire. There is also an extension lead included.

    No carry case included, or bag which is a bit of a downer.

    Well reviewed on you tube by the likes of innerfidelity, if you want to check it out.

    I also think they look better than pictured, if a bit retro.

  6.  Flashback


    Mortal Kombat. Superb.
    However, worth it alone was the spot-on implementation of Williams Defender on this collection.
    My kids don't understand. But THE game of its time, here on the PSP.
    Did I mention Mortal Kombat's on here too? :)

  7.  Very very good.


    Yes, I am writing a review before they are released in the UK because I couldn't wait, and imported some.
    Very cool. Once charged from USB, they last for hours.
    2 sessions of 4 hours did not exhaust the charge.
    LED Light on the end of the mic is a little odd at first, but you get used to it.
    They feel very light, and are extremely comfortable. Compared to the CPC NC2s they replaced, they are unbelievably comfy.
    The surround effects are good, even though this is virtual 7.1, they are a massive step up from the stereo on the very good headset I had before.
    In Killzone 3 I tested it out like a nerd, by running up to, then past a fixed gun, and the noise travels as you expect from in front, to at the side, to behind. Nice. :)
    Build quality is good. Some people question whether the extension arm for the mic will last. Time will tell, though you really don't need it extended I find.
    The "Dongle" has to be used with the PS3, these are not bluetooth, so you use one USB port whilst in use.
    No nasty config, as long as you have release 3.72 or later, just plug them in and they work.
    I Game online with several people who also have these, and they all love them.
    This will be a HOT product when it is released in the UK... Don't hesitate. Get them.

  8.  Yes for gaming. Music - not so much


    Whilst waiting for the official wirelss 7.1 phones out late 2011, I invested in these.
    I am very happy with them.

    The difference between using this and a bluetooth ear-hook microphone? Other players sound a lot clearer and it's much more immersive overall. Better than sound through the TV or even through my decent 2.1 system.
    Plus - you can play games loud, without waking anyone up.

    Seperate controls for voice and the sound mean you can balance what's going on in your ears to suit.

    You may find you're too quiet initially on this mic, but you can adjust the bendy mike holder to change the mic position as well as adjust the vol in the accessory setting to find what works.

    I tried them on the iPod, but they're not up to the standard of my Sony X-Bass buds in terms of full-range whilst playing music, in my opinion.

    Recommend for gaming though.

  9.  Still the best


    As a massive KZ2 fan, I am biased, but seriously - this is the best FPS there is. Campaign mode? I don't really do it, good as it is. The online multiplayer is the place to be - so immersive, and now you can use better hardware, like the jet packs and Exo, a good step beyond what KZ2 offered. Plus, you don't have to grind all the way up from a grunt - I started as an Engineer, and now have pretty much full unlock within 3 weeks of occasional (lengthy) play. The new missions types e.g. guerilla or ops add a bit of variety. Not so keen on the new squad functionality. Seems clunkier than KZ2. I'd prefer to revert this to KZ2 functionality, with on-screen squad member stats view. That's my only criticism.

  10.  Very Simple To Set Up


    Batteries in, go to myharmony site, create account, select devices. USB cable in, Sync remote. Done.

    Next day I decided to map some of the more obscure features of my Amp onto the remote, as it had only mapped some of the simpler ones by default. All the functions were there listed, and ready to be dragged and dropped onto the image of the remote buttons. Re-Sync. Done.