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  1.  Best cheap dock!


    Tried a few cheap Galaxy Nexus docks until I hit upon this one. It's as perfect as it can be, for the price. Have it plugged into my PC and it both charges and allows ADB and syncing (seems to be a passthrough connection internally). The fit is just snug enough and it doesn't look as cheap as it costs (or the other docks I tried before).

    Ok, so it's no match for the official Samsung docks, but for 1/3 of the price it delivers 95% of the functionality and looks, meaning I'm more than pleased with it.

  2.  Benchmarks


    Arrived this morning, and of course first things first - benchmarking!

    The results were surprising - a Class 10 card such as this should offer an average of 10MB/s write speed. The results I got on my machine - using the Disk Utility app built in to Ubuntu - were:

    Minimum Read Rate: 11.2MB/s
    Maximum Read Rate: 11.4MB/s
    Average Read Rate: 11.3MB/s

    Minimum Write Rate: 1.9MB/s
    Maximum Write Rate: 8.6MB/s
    Average Write Rate: 3.4MB/s

    Maximum write rate occured at the very 'start' of the SD card, with the remaining 95% of the card zig-zagging in typical fashion between 6MB/s and 2MB/s write speed.

    As a comparison, the Class 6 card I'm replacing with this one comes from another vendor (ByteStor) and offers lower average performance but less variation in minimum/maximum reading and writing speeds.

    That said, I have tried recording full 1080i and 720p AVCHD video using my Panasonic GF2 and didn't encounter any issues. This typically requires at least a Class 6 card to avoid stuttering. Since this is the fastest I expect to be writing data to this card, it should suffice for my needs.

    I look forward to seeing if other people get better benchmark results with their cards.