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  1.  underrated thanks to the hype...


    Hype over a film is a funny thing it can either make or break the film, unfortunately Prometheus is one of the films that got slated by critics and fan boys alike thanks to the over hype.

    Too much emphasis was put on the unofficial 'alien prequel' title, its not an Alien film, it shares the same DNA maybe set in the same universe and at some point creates a semi-link to the alien films. Why cant people just take it for what it is, a great return for Ridley Scott to the science fiction genre.

    Obviously comparisons were to be made against his alien masterpiece, the tension is never built as high and claustrophobia of been in space is lost due to its pretty open sets for a film set in space. The storyline tries to be more clever than it is but is nevertheless pretty entertaining. The sets are stunningly epic, aboard the spaceships is artful with a lot of attention going into every little detail. The engineers are nothing special themselves but the surroundings are perfect. One tense scene in particular shows Ridley has still got it in a scene involving an alien abortion a very tense unnerving moment.

    Cant really slate the cast they were great given the script they had, not much to the script you see, Michael Fassbender is fittingly perfect as David, Noomi Rapace also as fitting in her role. Problem - Charlize Theron amazing actress, so why so underused, when shes on screen shes great (she nails the persona of B****) also Idris Elba seemed abit misplaced.

    Overall a very enjoyable film that stands on its own, please dont think of it as an Alien prequel its its own film and manages by itself. Ridley Scott still doing what he does best i think he should be given a chance before this film is completely write off, it deserves so much more.

  2.  A slow burning zombie epic...


    As much as the season started off slow boy did it pick up at the half way point, just one of the best seasons of television seen anywhere.

    I don't understand why people are complaining that it was too slow and nothing happened; its called tension for gods sake, building it up before finally kicking off. People just expect full on action from the word go just because its about zombies, weve got all the time in the world for that its tv show they can go on for years with the right amount of viewers, its not just a zombie show its a show about the human race, how people react in desperate situations, how something so devastating can either make or break you as a person. Shane this season perfectly exemplifies this the dramatic change in his personality by the end of the season is as though hes turning into a monster just like the ones they fear.

    Once your past the midway emotional climax things start to rally up into on of the most exciting season finales setting up the events for the long awaited season 3 (confirmed to be 16 episodes long). Simply one of the best shows to grace television of recent years i hope the Walking Dead sticks around for as long as possible.

  3.  its gonna kill me to say this but it was...Average...


    Right let me just start off by saying i'm a massive fan of the avengers individual movies all have their unique take on the marvel universe which i find intriguing, i believe the hype of this film just blew it up too much for me i was expecting way more and i guess i shouldn't of, the hype of a film can be its fall, i mean look at prometheus.

    Now i'm not saying i didn't enjoy it i thought when there was action it was explosive when there was comedy it was gold and when they assembled it was awesome. I feel some characters were not given enough screen time while too much emphasis was put on iron man, as much as i love tony stark the tone should of been spread evenly, the likes of Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk (until the end) barley got a look in.

    Joss Whedon did the best job he could of done, the direction was a tad choppy for me sometimes felt like bits and bobs thrown together like a slideshow, he handled the action scenes fantastic and can see why he's already got the Avengers 2 directing job. Also i know the film is on for near 2 and a half hours but i feel it could of been a bit longer to make the story a bit richer, i've heard 30 mins of the film was cut although i believe most of the cut footage is of Captain America adjusting to life in the 21st century.

    One last little problem is Loki, i don't think he should of been the villain of this movie, he had his time as evil-doer in Thor, its like going over old versions of what we have already seen, even in Thor i didn't find him much of a villain.

    Thankfully this is just the start of something that can be truly epic, every superheroes first story is of origin so it takes time to kick off running, this is an avengers origin story we've had there individual stories and this was there first as a team. Avengers 2 has already been green lit so hopefully next time round these problems will be resolved. Overall a very worthy attempt at finally assembling the Avengers.

  4.  Enjoyable silly fun with some old friends...


    While not been the best, but certainly far off from the worst, this is still a very enjoyable return to the original franchise that we all know and love.
    After countless sequels, only relatable through the appearance of jims dad, this is a pleasent return to form, if you enjoyed the first two American Pie films then you should love this.
    Its like catching up with old friends everyone is back down to the milf guys and stiflers mom. 10 Years have passed and these guys still haven't grown up and thank god we need them as immature as possible for the belly laughs, mainly attributed through Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott. both are perfect for their roles as Jim and Stifler both with perfect comic timing, Jim's bedroom opening of the film is hilarious and very reminiscent of the first film.
    Alyson Hannigan is also just as brilliant as Michelle who is just as dirty minded as ever.
    By the time the end credits role you will be wanting more lets just hope a fifth is in the works.

  5.  The beginning of the end :(


    Alright, it may not be the best film in the twilight saga, but what did people expect with only half a story...

    If the haters can get into their heads that this is just the first part of a two part film maybe they would enjoy it more, like the final harry potter films part 1 is mildly slow, its setting up events to come, if youve stuck with these characters from the start you will find it a very enjoyable film, Edward and Bella finally getting married and getting down in the bedroom, the effect a supernatural child has on bella, what the wolfpack intend to do to protect the people of forks.

    The honeymoon act of the film was portrayed perfectly on film with a perfect blend of nervousness, comedy and romance, as bella prepared for what she'd been waiting for for a good while... Edward in the bedroom.

    A worthy installment in the saga, not as good as new moon and eclipse, but wait to judge the film, when part 2 comes out put these two films together and judge as one.

  6.  MUST own Blu ray boxset...


    This in my eyes is the ultimate blu ray edition for any film, if you own a blu ray make sure this is in your collection. Yes the films, over 10 years old, are still as brilliant as they were back then.

    If you are a big fan of the lord of the rings this boxset will surley satisfy you, packed with hours of special features and extras along with commentaries its well worth the expense.

    There are alot of discs, the films are split over 2 discs each but dont let that put you off, its not a bad thing, the picture and audio are both fantastic and the extra minutes added into the films just add and expand on the rich story that is lord of the rings.

    Buy this boxset and you will not be disapointed.

  7.  ...Butler goes nuts and causes chaos...


    I've heard some bad reveiws about this film which put me off for a while and when i eventually seen it i was actually surprised at how wrong those people were, this is a tense, edge of your seat, cat and mouse thriller with Gerrad Butler, who's making some great movies nowadays, and the brilliant Jamie Foxx.

    Butlers wife and and child are murdered infront of his eyes, he knows who did and even when it goes to court one of the killers gets to walk after spending just 3 years behind bars, how would you feel if the people that you loved where murdered by someone who got nothing less than the death sentence, skip forward 10 years and Butler kills the man in question and is arrested for the crime, thats it right? He got his revenge? Wrong. Still behind bars Butler orchestrates a way to get back at the justice sysytem and so the game begins as he picks off people one by one from inside his prison cell.

    Both Butler and Foxx give there all in their performances namley Butler who shows what losing the people close to you can do to a person, he turns from a family man to an insane nutjob intent on getting revenge, we dont know whether to feel sorry for him or to hate him, its both entertaining and violent and will keep you guessing right up until the end as to how he is managing to pull all this off from inside his cell. 9/10...

  8.  ...tense from start to end...


    Dont expect much from remakes, thats what everyone always says but sometimes the awful remake solution can be wrong, taking this movie for instance, a remake it may be but its far from awful, its a fast paced thriller from start to finish that will have any Denzel fan entertained.

    The movie starts swiftly with John Travolta and crew taking control of a subway train and taking its passangers hostage holding them ransom for millions of dollars, although Travolta and Washington have very little screen time together they work together very well as Denzel unwittingly becomes his negotiator, yes the two leads are great as are the majority of the cast but the likes of James Gandolfini and John Tuturo are hardly acknowledged, given their talent its seems a bit wasted.

    The climax of the film finishes it all off neatly giving every character just what they deserve and you turn it off feeling very entertained, its not an oscar winner but it does what its meant to do and thats to entertain, with two great lead performances its a more than a worthy remake of the original taking of pelham 123...

  9.  ...BULLIES BEWARE...


    When Tormented was released in cinemas it quickly passed by without a mention, no one had heard of it and no one wanted to, but this is an excellent british film.

    in short, bullies at a posh british school torment one of their classmates so much he commits suicide, returns from the grave and takes his revenge on all that tormented him, its a great enjoyable film thats there to entertain the 'skins' generation of today with some heavy gore but the movie also has a undertone of seriousness about it touching upon the effects of bullying, everyone who has been to school can relate to it, whether you where on the wrong side or the actual tormented it may make you realise that these things actual happen in our society today, maybe not on a literal level where your killed off by a zombie but what happens to some kids in some schools.

    Director Jon Wright does a wonderful job directing and the young array of actors hold it up well, April Pearson and Alex Pettyfer most notably along with Tuppence Middleton. You'll laugh, scream and it will have you gripped all the way through, a good british horror flick that should of been recognised by more people.

  10.  ...cheating death, yet again...


    Yes it is hard to beleive that the guys behind these movies could come up with more clever ways to kill unsuspecting teens in the fourth installment of the supernatural horror series, but it is getting a bit all 'de'ja vu'.

    Yes there wont be any surprises in store for you here, the plotline is basically the same as the others and will add nothing new to the series like the first and second did but mostly it is still all good fun seeing how the teens die in some inventive ways. Thankfully its better than the so-so third installment and the 3D adds something extra. 3D has improved alot over the past few months on its dvd and blu ray transfer its slowly progressing into something that will blow you away but for now dont get too excited about the 3D in your living room .

    Overall a fun and enjoyable 'death trip' that doesnt really bring nothing new to the table but will keep you entertained, just let this be one to finally 'rest in peices'...