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  1.  Hmmmm


    Ok, first things first...its a flat pack you put together. Nothing off putting there, but the quality is questionable. The draws flip down and has a hole in the back so you actually use for more AV space, but the screw and hinges holding the flip lid are very poor quality - I'd say all the actual fixings are poor overall and if i wasnt so eager to get my new telly set up i prob would have returned it. Saying that after i did put it together and forced (literally you have too) a few of the locking screws into place (anyone else with this will know what i mean) it did actually look quite solid. The glass was actually the best quality bit of the whole tv stand, looks very tough and i was confident it would hold my new 58" telly. The wood used isnt 'solid' wood, but as with most flat pack furniture you'd expect that. Once you do get it all 2gether it feels solid enough (cant really see me moving it around so should be fine).The finish is black with a hint of silver (has a sublte light sparkly finish) (you cant see in the pic). The chrome piping and legs are decent enough quality and the glass is top notch. Overall i'd say this stand really does ''look'' impressive. The draws are more for show as sure the screws will give in over daily use (not the hardest of fixes if it had to be done mind). If i had bought it ready assembled, i'd probably give it 5stars, but because i put it together id only give it 3 ! (please note...the ill fitting issue isnt because i'm crap at putting these things 2gether - its due to the poor quality bits)(just incase thats what you thought) :)

  2.  About as good as sitting on chewing gum


    Film sucks! Badly acted and just drags and drags. Dont waste your money!

  3.  Cheap Tat, Worth A Laugh


    Seemed oright on day 1, but after a couple of uses just feeling more like anoying shocks then anything else.

    Does say on it if use feels uncomfortable (meaning giving sharp painful electric shocks) , then belt is worn ou (2days??)

    I'd say mines buggered but at a fiver, think the fact it gives electric shocks is worthy enuff for the price.

    Drunk m8s beware- This could end with very funny consequences!!