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    An easy to assemble item.
    It's actually quite a big item, though very comfortable.
    Also sold at a sensible price.



    ( the point of a gun was the only law 'Liberty' understood, when it came to shooting straight and fast he was mighty good )
    although not featured in the film, it seemed appropriate to add a verse from 'Gene Pitney's' song -'The man who shot Liberty Valance'
    senator 'Ransom Stoddard' returns to 'Shinbone' to attend the funeral of
    a friend 'Tom Doniphon'
    the local press want the senator to tell them who 'Tom Doniphon' really
    this is 'Ransom Stoddard's' story of the times when he as a greenhorn lawyer try's to stand tall against hardened gunman and outlaw 'Liberty Valance' and how his friendship with 'Tom' came about.
    old-school western directed by 'John Ford'
    one for nostalgia in truth.
    ( picture quality is somewhat sharper than the 'dvd' version )

  3.  'A GRIM TALE'


    'Steve' takes his girlfriend 'Jenny' on what is intended to be an idyllic
    camping trip alongside 'Eden Lake'
    however a group of local 'yobs' are determined to spoil the quiet and
    togetherness the couple seek.
    things begin to spiral out of control, 'Brett' the ringleader doesn't know
    how or when to quit.
    it soon turns into a battle to survive.
    a gritty and brutal affair.



    the film follows a group of reporters and camera-men who try to give an accurate account of the seemingly unprovoked attack on the a region of 'georgia' by the 'russian' forces.
    a very intense and emotionally mind provoking account of a brutal and merciless attack on a largely civilian population.
    if this is anything close to a true account of the invasion i can only say one thing................war crimes ?



    great stunts-great action-super villian, great one-liners ( as allways ) brilliant entertainment.
    which just about says it all...............'daniel craig' continues to make the
    role his own...................for all old and new 'bond' movie fans........this is a must see.

  6.  'BRUTAL'


    'taylor' 'arron' and 'ophelia' are best friends and lovers
    'taylor' and 'arron' run a successful drug supplying business.
    their dealing with a mexican cartel is about to take a turn too far for the duo, the cartel led by 'elena' want to strike a new deal, 'arron' and 'taylor' are reluctant to play ball.
    the cartel do not compromise, it's their way or no-way................'lado' the enforcer for 'elena' take 'ophelia' as prisoner to get the duo to tow the line.
    'taylor' and 'arron' realize they will have to fight fire with fire sinking to similar acts of brutality dished out by 'lado' and his henchmen to secure the release of their friend and lover.
    in truth it's not the fastest moving plot , however it will allmost certainly hold your attention.
    many sequences during the film are frankly uncompromising and brutal , also many scenes containing use of drugs.



    'ellison' and his family have a new home.
    he is looking for inspiration to write a new book.
    early on he finds a box of home-movies and projector in the loft.
    the films show graphic details of a series of killings in seperate locations including the house they now call home, he trys to find a link between them.
    with things that go bump in the night and images designed to startle along with much in the way of tention.....
    the film will almost certainly hold your attention.............if yer' still breathing that is.......................better than many films of this type i've seen in recent times.



    a superb collection of 60's and 50's gems-----early 'pop' with a hint of love and sadness of love lost.
    on the first 'CD' numbers such as--'marty wilde's' -'sea of love'' 'roy orbison's' - 'crying' 'the cascades' - 'rhythm of the rain' from the 60's along with 'johnny ray's' - 'just walking in the rain' and 'conway twitty's' - 'it's only make believe' from the 50's. ----just one or two of the many gems on board disc '1'
    on disc two-- 'bryan hyland's' - 'sealed with a kiss' 'johnny leyton's' - 'johnny remember me' together with a song many think of as an 'A-side 'the everly's' - 'ebony eyes' in truth the song was the 'B-side' to the smash-hit no:1 'walk right back' ---both sides charted becoming seen now as a double 'A-side' release.
    also on board from the 50's 'frankie laine's' - 'i believe' and 'richie valen's' - 'donna' again just a few highlights on disc: 2.
    this 2-CD set is full of great sounds with, i'm sure many great and maybe not so great memories from yesteryear.
    well worth collecting.

  9.  'ELECTRIC'


    in the first film 'bryan mills' ( former c.i.a agent ) rescued his daughter who had been kidnapped by an 'albanian' gang.............in the process killing all involved.
    the family's of those killed now seek revenge..............this time both daughter and his ex-wife become involved.
    must admit i was dubious of how this one would link-up..................needn't have worried.
    maybe not as polished as the first however.......great action, superb car-chase...............great entertaining watch.



    four years after a double murder, the 'jacobson' house have new neighbours, 'elissa' ( jennifer lawrence---'hunger games' ) and her mother.
    they learn that the son of the murder victims lives next door, 'ryan jacobson' who's sister 'carrie-anne' is believed to have killed both parents.
    'elissa' befriends 'ryan' .....she will find that 'the house at the end of the street' holds many secrets most of which will be reveald by her curiosity.
    probably worth '3.5' as a rating, the film though predictable does harbour one or two tense moments.