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    based on true events during the 20's-30's american prohibition.
    1931' the 'bondurant' brothers 'forrest' 'howard' and youngest 'jack' run a successful 'bootlegging' operation, the brothers were getting rich, however their success had been noted by gangster 'floyd banner' who along with corrupt officals wanted a 'cut' of the profits.
    when a corrupt district attorney brings in ruthless 'special deputy' -'charles rakes' to close down the stills operated by the county's 'hillbilly's in 'franklyn county' .......until ....only the 'bondurant's' operation remained.
    'rakes' will learn that messing with the brothers will be a declaration of war.
    superior 'gritty' drama that will allmost certainly hold your attention throughout....................highly recommended.



    beyond the walls of the 'mega' city in america------wasteland.
    within the walls law is enforced and executed by the 'judges'
    'dredd' is assigned a rookie 'cassandra anderson' ( a powerful psychic ) for assessment.
    the two accept a mission to investigate three deaths in the 200-storey tower block ( peach trees )
    the block is under the control of the ruthless drug dealing 'ma-ma' gang.
    after taking one of the suspects into custody the tower block is locked down by order of 'ma-ma' who cannot afford for the judges prisoner to talk.
    'ma-ma's' large army of armed thugs are set to do battle with the two judges.
    an action-packed blood and guts non-stop thrill ride with plenty of attitude.



    the 70's brought us many top-line movies, the censor's became more leniant allowing reality in., this 70's movie surely among the best of that era.
    'carrie white' a naive teen who's home life has been dominated by her overbearing and restrictive mother is subject of much verbal abuse by her fellow pupils.
    the ring leader has hatched up an elaborate plan to further humiliate 'carrie' at the school prom, setting her up with the year's glamour boy.
    when the plan is executed in front of the whole year, 'carrie' is mocked by all in attendance, however the sick-joke is about to be reversed, 'carrie' turns her wrath on those who mock her using her powers to deadly effect.
    well worth a spin if you've not seen it before.



    a documentary style presentation based on a real-life event.
    'nicholas barclay' had been missing for three and a half years.......until
    he is supposedly found in 'spain'
    the change in his appearance he explains as a result of years of abuse by his captor's.
    the family wanted so much to believe 'nicholas' had come home, the obvious is brushed aside by them.
    the guy wanted a better life, when truly identified, he turned out to be a 'serial' imposter.
    what really happened to 'nicholas' ? .....is there a twist to the story ?
    the film overall fails to become a gripping expierience, sad though it is.



    'douglas quaid' struggles to seperate the dreams he's paid to have from reality in this non-stop action thrill ride, with eye-popping special-effects and electric performances from 'farrell' and 'beckinsale'



    don't ya' just love these varios artist offerings which give us memories from both past and present.
    with great numbers from artist's such as 'amy winehouse' 'leona lewis' 'eva cassidy' 'westlife' and 'james blunt' on offer on disc one.
    'celine dion' 'r.kelly' 'the bangles' 'simply red' 'dionne warwick' and 'eric carmen' on board disc two.
    'dido' 'annie lennox' 'beverly craven' 'odyssey' 'alison moyet' and of course 'elvis' on the third disc.
    even pointing out just a few of the many great names on board gives you an indication of the quality included.
    the songs chosen from the selection of great names on board give you around 3-hours of great listenning to enjoy.............you'll find yourself singing along for sure.
    well worh adding to your collection ..............enjoy.



    this 4-CD brothers 'gibb' set is without question a true 'collector's' treasure, giving a selection of each 'brothers' talents for both 'penning' a great song and of course their 'true' vocal brilliance.
    sadly as we all know only eldest brother 'barry' remains with us.
    'andy' the youngest died 'march 1988' at the young age of just '30', a true talent with a golden 'solo' career ahead surely.....sadly cut short.
    'robin' who passed away quite recently sang and wrote many great numbers, many of whiuch remain among my favourite 'all-time' tracks.
    'twin brother 'maurice' who died 'january 2003' was also a prolific song writer and talented musician.
    'barry' the eldest is again a great song-writer who's vocal talent fronted the group's ''disco-era'' which we all love and admire.
    i also own a 4-CD set released some time back 'tales of the brothers 'gibb' ''a history in song 1967-1990' which is also a terrific collector's treasure.
    this CD-set of course reflects the talents of all four brothers which includes most of their hits along with their versions of numbers written by them for other great artist's.
    'great' quality collector's item.............again............thanks for the many memories.

  8. U.F.O.



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    five friends try to survive an alien invasion unaware that one of their number is not who they are thought to be.
    even the inclusion of 'jean claude van damme' cannot save this low-budget offering from being a well below par expierience.



    1984----a post office clerk shoots a customer using a 'german' pistol.
    'hector negron' winner of a 'purple heart' from the 'italian' campaign in 1944 now faces a life sentence.
    whilst in custody,when interviewed by a newspaper reporter 'hector' tells his story of his time in a tuscan villiage behind enemy lines with three comrades......'aubrey stamps' 'bishop cummings' and gentle giant 'sam train' ( who has taken a frightened orphan into his care )
    and how he becomes the guardian of an ancient artifact.
    with some superb battle and fire-fight sequences.
    a genuine heart wrenching and often touching story-line.
    this is 'hector's' journey .
    the film will not dissapoint.

  10.  'A 'CLASSIC'


    a 'no nonsense' 'no frills' 'no holds barred' gritty and intense journey.
    a nine-man military unit code name 'bravo' set out on an exercise in the swamp lands of 'louisiana'
    things soon take a sinister turn after taking liberties with the 'local trappers' equipment.
    fighting among themselves isn't gonna help, the troop with much equipment lost and only one box of real ammo between them are in a struggle to survive.
    finding their way out of the swamp whilst being hunted down is allmost impossible.............their only hope ........search and rescue, the soldiers are way over due.
    upsetting the trappers was not a good move.
    well worth a viewing.