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  1.  Great fun @ the Secret Friends Scene It partys


    Dont watch friends, but answered joey, the only character name i know to all questions, and came second. :)

    Have a great laugh with my friends with this, except 1 who we always dont invite and prefer to keep a secret till later....awesome.

  2.  very disappointing.


    I tried to like this film, but it really wasn't that funny. There was some funny moments but as an entire film it was just forgettable. Bruce is a god playing Ash, but unfortunately that's all he seems to be able to play. : (

  3.  Probably the best phone ive owned.


    Alot of comments about this phone and its battery life. My n95 lasts around 3 days under "normal" use. took it to london on full charge and used it as a camera, inwhich it was used for a good 4 hours. Had used it the whole day out, and didnt run out till around 9pm that night. All i can say is make sure your firmware is atleast V11, Mine was v10 when i got it, and yes it ran down quickly, this seems to have been sorted by v11 and like i say i get about 3 days out of it, around 10-20mins call time and tons of texting.

    Music player however does kill the battery somewhat quickly tho if you max the sound out to 100%.

    other than that, awesome phone. installed msn messenger application, google maps and some other nick nacks. Camera is the best ive ever used.

  4.  It shouldnt be good, but it worked.


    Ghostrider is funny really, its a film which realised it was going to be terrible, didnt bother trying to impress but worked out well all the same. The acting is pretty lame and unconvincing in this film, the Special effects are a bit behind andthe plot was pretty tat too but it is definatly a good saturday night film.

  5.  Great film, not what i expected but worth watching.


    I was actually expecting a different film to the direction outlaw actually went. However, it worked, and although sometimes hard to watch due to the realism of the violence it was a pretty good 2 hours. Never got bored, and ended well. Worth watching, especially if your a nick love fan.

  6.  Must see.


    Its a violent tale of Football hooligans. Its directed, scripted and acted superbly. Worth watching, although some people may struggle with some of the violence.

  7.  Pretty fun film.,


    Although the ending is a bit rubbish, 40 Year old virgin hits the spot with laughs throughout. good rental film.

  8.  Not bad, felt a bit tame.


    This flick is a good attempt at a "grudge" like ghost story. A few jumps, and a couple of convincing scare scenes make this film atleast a good saturday night rental. it felt a western j horror, but just didnt pass the horror that well compared to many jhorror flicks. Although i would rather watch this again than watch the US grudge 2.

  9.  Classic beer and curry night Flick


    As i said, Classic saturday night beer and curry flick. Its dumb and silly, but delivers the goods.

  10.  Classic. End of.


    Evil Dead is a benchmark in the history of horror films. Even by todays standards.