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  1.  Unlike Any Other Game I've Played!


    I am new to the de Blob series and I have to say I quite enjoy this game. Its fun and relaxing and not too difficult. What I love about this game most is its huge levels with lots to do and most of all lots to paint! You start off in a grey and white world and its up to you to turn it into a colour paradise. I really like the visuals of this game and the graphics are rather good too!

    The only slightly annoying thing about this game is if you miss one of the collectibles in a level, you have to replay the level and everything resets! But im not too bothered as im not planning to 100% complete the game anyway.

    The cut-scenes are quite humourous and the style of the game is a bit unusual, but it creates a briliant game overall! It only cost me 10.49 and it is well worth it! i would recommend this game to anyone, its not typically my sort of game as im into driving/racing; but it makes a nice change from the usual games I play :)

  2.  Personally i think its quite good....


    There are a few improvements compared to the first Shift, it is an overall brilliant game. I still love GT5 but this game has a much stronger racing feel, and I think the AI is much better. The menu and car tuning/styling is difficult to navigate at first but you get used to it. I really like the drifting in Shift 2, it is better than the first game. I found the handling easy to master and the overall gaming experience is great!

  3.  Awesome!


    This is what happens when you mix the craziness of Motorstorm with earthquakes, an absolutely EPIC GAME!!!!! There is a lot of variety in the festival and loads of insane tracks. The vehicle customisation is very good and there are plenty of vehicle classes to use; the graphics are amazing! Thank you to the Motorstorm developers for creating another quality game! :)

  4.  The game is fixed.................Finally!!


    I have been very patient with this game, as for the first few weeks of release the online multiplayer was broken. The singleplayer kept me going until they finally resolved the issues and it has now turned into a fairly decent game. It has kept me occupied for hours and the gameplay is massive! There is so much to do both online and offline.

    The controls are a bit arcadey and seem hard to handle at first, but with practise it becomes natural. I suggest turning the steering sensitivity to the minimum setting in the options menu; that way you will get on much easier. Its nice to cruise and race around with mates in a massive open online world that integrates singleplayer with multiplayer. Both maps of Ibiza and Hawaii are huge, with plenty of high speed roads and collectibles. There are still a few glitches with the online game modes but its getting better.

    At first glance of this game I would only have given it 2 stars, but now overall I give it 4. Excellent gameplay, decent graphics and rather a lot of fun! would recommend it too any driving/racing game fan.

  5.  Epic racing game!!


    This game is fun and addictive and is just what i look for in a racing game. The graphics may not be outstanding in certain places such as the people stood by the track, but the rest is brilliant. As long as the precision is in the cars then i am happy :D In reply to mikeprytherch's review you can change the controls in the options menu to make accelerate and brake R2 and L2, that way you have a lot more control whilst driving. The car damage gets better and more sensitive as you progress through the game and increase your a-spec level (thats what i found). An all round epic edition to the series; theres so much to do.
    Happy gaming!! :)

  6.  Very Good Game


    Excellent gamplay and storyline, graphics are ok but nothing to shout about. If you like GTA and Mafia then you'll love this!
    Bargain at 14.99!! :D

  7. Blur



    2 New from  £34.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.75

     Much more fun than split/second


    On purchase of blur I had no idea how good the game was going to be, I took a gamble and in no way regret it. I am quite impressed with the graphics, the gameplay is brilliant and will keep me occupied for hours to come. There was definately a gap in the market for this game and I soon forgot the disappointment i had with split/second.

  8.  Outstanding


    The best racing simulation game out there! You'll never put this game down!

  9.  Outstanding


    I've always been a Burnout fan and this game is certainly CG best game yet! The damage is awesome and the gameplay is brilliant, there's so much to do! I love the online multiplayer, it has a massive range of challenges and games. Very realistic and the graphics are outstanding. The additional packs extend the game massively and the cost isn't too bad. Big Surf Island is the latest and im my opinion the best update. A must buy for any driving/racing fan!!!!!

  10.  Great Game


    Since I bought this game, I've been quite addicted to it, the trophies are quite challenging and the gameplay is very good. I love the highly detailed cockpit view and the overall graphics are very good up close however travelling fast or looking from afar they do not look quite as detailed. I'm very impressed with the car tuning as there is a big range. You can inflict damage on your ride but it is not that realistic. The online multiplayer is very good and the South Central game extension packs make the game much bigger and more interesting! Maybe not quite as good as Burnout Paradise but much better than Need for Speed Undercover. It will certainly keep me busy for many hours to come! Overall a great game.