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  1.  Psychologically impossible to resist


    This TV show is simply amazing, but this first season is defiantly the best and funniest. 17 episodes that are bound to give you at least a little giggle as long as you're a fan of American comedy, if you are one of those who can only really enjoy British comedy such as Young Ones, Only Fools, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie then this wont work for you but if you do watch at least one episode you will most surely laugh.
    Hours of fun and at a reasonable price for a DVD series (i would not pay anymore for this considering DVD is falling to Blu Ray)

    Buy it, Play it and Damn well enjoy it!!!

  2.  Close to the best music game ever


    This game is truly great amongst music games. The Difficultly is the hardest in the GH series since GH3, the set list is the best of for Metallica and i cant complain about the choices of songs but yes there probably is one or two songs you wish were on here but play all the songs and you wont care. I haven't experienced the Expert+ for drums yet but ive seen what the difficultly is like and it really will give you a run for your money. Deffo the better buy between this and GH:Smash Hits.
    The only reason it is the best music game is because it is band centred and for what ever reason your not a Metallica fan (altho you will become one after playing this) then it isn't for you and instead Rock Band 2 will blow your mind for its amazing general track list.

  3.  Good but.....


    For the average person looking for a bit of fun at parties it keeps you entertained but if you own them you will soon realise you want more which is what the GH drums offer. Not only that but they are so fragile the end cymbals wobble due to them being attached by soft plastic.
    Overall I paid £25 for mine and they give me an hours worth of fun like once a week otherwise i stick to guitar.