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  1. Wake



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     A good read


    Im always fascinated by mermaid and siren stories, as I love the mythical in fiction. Also its got romance in it, for both sisters, Harper and Gemma, whose relationship is beautifully crafted. It really seems like a true representation of relationship between sisters in a situation as theirs is. The romance adds a sweet touch to the story as the love is not complicated by love triangles. I enjoyed this book, in particularly the contrasting characters of the practical and responsible Harper and the carefree swimmer Gemma

  2.  Better than expected


    Very engaging sci-fi novel, full of twists but also spiced with romance.

  3.  Wow!


    This is certainly a book I loved. It takes place in the 'future' with hard to grasp changes like chocolate being illegal! I don't know what I would do if this was the case.

    This is a little bit like Romeo and Juliet where lovers come from two completely different families and are at gang wars. This is very entertaining to say the least. Anya had a decision to make.. her lover or her family? Well you shall read it to find out!

    Great book!

  4.  Beutifully written


    This is one of the books, which you read with pleasure as the way Sita describes Mira and her adventure is wonderful. It made me feel as if I was actually there and when the book ended I was really devastated, but hopefully the next one is on its way!

  5.  Interesting!


    Exodus is a book that is written so imaginatively, that it makes you think, although at times, I felt like there was too much description and not enough action. The solid ground beneath your feet might not be as solid... The book focuses on the future of the world and in particular a girl, who practically knows that her island will drown and that she has to do something to help herself, her family and her friends. She goes on an extraordinary adventure which affects the readers emotions on every page. A great example of Julie Bertagna's true talent with this heart warming story of how a girl can change everything.

  6.  Good read...


    The first thing that I saw after opening the book made me want to read the book more. 2018. This was the year, when the book was centered. Does that mean the demons are normal after just few years of what we have now? The book was surprisingly fast paced and hardly predictable. It was something I enjoyed reading without a thought to change the book. On the other hand it was not totally unique because some books do have similar elements like in this story. But the author has tried very hard to make this unique and I loved the italic font scattered around the book which made this book at times funny and at times sad. After reading I feel as if I was on a big adventure and this book will be nothing compared to the next as the trouble has only started.
    Rating-8/10. The demon trappers, forsaken - Something, many people would love.

  7.  Great to get ready


    Great practice, specially teaches you to look at the mirrors, which helps a lot when you drive for real. Buy it if you are going to take a practical test.

  8.  my favourite book


    excellent book, everyone should read it, cant find any better.