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  1.  £24.99??!! Best bargain in history of everything probably


    The reason why this is the best bargain ever is because you get THREE full-length Half-Life 2 episodes, all highly-rated by the critics, plus you also get Portal, which really is mind bending, and also Team Fortress, which is brilliant when played on Xbox Live. So, you get 3 full games for the price of almost half a game!
    I'm playing through Half-Life 2 at the minute, and I've been told it only gets better and it's already brilliant so far. If you already have Halo 3, get this. Don't bother with Bioshock it gets repetitive.

  2.  Best Racing game on Xbox 360 so far


    Puts Forza Motorsport 2 to shame and actually improves from PGR3 in every respect. Until now, PGR3 was king of racers on Xbox 360, now PGR4 is here and its even better.
    I you thought Gran Turismo 5 looked good on PS3, well wait till you see PGR4 in motion...

  3.  Expensive but worth it if you have a core console.


    It is an expensive detachable hard-drive but it does include Hexic HD arcade game and some videos and music. And as long as you have it connected to Xbox Live, you can download demos, game trailers, arcade game trials and some music videos for free. And later in 2007 you will have access to the Xbox Live video marketplace where you can rent and download TV shows and movies for a reasonable price!
    It's also useful for storing as many game saves as you need, as well as replays, gamerpics, themes etc.
    You can also store your own music on the drive for use at any time when playing games or chatting to people and it also comes in handy if you are downloading purchased or free downloadable content such as new maps, new cars and new tracks for your games.

    It looks good and it's light enough to be able to bring it around with you, perhaps to a friend's home.

    But, if you are connected to Xbox Live and use it quite a lot, you'll probably find that the space on the hard disk is lost quite quickly so provided you have the money, you may find a better idea would be to buy an Xbox 360 Elite console which has a 120gb detachable drive or buy the hard-drive separately.

  4. Prey


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £15.60  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.56

     At £10, this is a must-have game for the Xbox 360!


    Even at £40, this game is worth it, but at £10 it is absolutely excellent. It follows a linear storyline but one of the best I've played in a video game. The storyline is about you being abducted, but things go wrong and you spend your time on the spaceship. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is lots of fun. It's a thrill to play and the puzzles are satisfying. It's a first person shooter but the game makes use of walls which you can walk on and portals, which leads to very interesting level design.
    Online play isn't great, but it's not bad neither. A satisfying game overall. At times it can be scary, fun or thrilling. And you don't have to sit through any cutscenes or listen to rubbish about aliens like you would in Halo.

    Buy it if you like a thrilling adventure with a good story!