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  1.  RE Shirt - BSAA


    Perfect for a Resident Evil fan. All I need now is for Play to sell other BSAA clothes and gadgets and that's my halloween costume sorted. Would love a BSAA hat. Good Novelty Shirt.

  2.  Perfect Sequel


    Good points include;
    1. New infantry available to unlock and buy (rebel smuggler, magnaguard, imperial officer, clone commander and others)
    2. Troopers outfits now change for different maps
    3. Galactic Conquest, Campaign Mode and Instant Action now all include space battles and playing as a star wars hero.
    4. Original Star Wars Soundtrack played clearly on loops for different stages/jedi etc.
    5. Great storyline, following the events of the 501st legion of stormtroopers through the clone wars and the galactic civil war.

    Very impressive and addictive Star Wars game. Worth the price.

  3.  I Reccommend previous Battlefront titles


    This edition of Star Wars Battlefront is very poor when compared to the other games and shouldnot have been released on the PSP. It would be more siuted to the bigger consoles.

    These are the bad points I find this game has;
    1. Very glitchy and bad quality graphics
    2. Slow and tedious loading times
    3. Annoying and boring cutscene everytime you make the transition from interior to space/escape pod to surface.
    4.They've taken out so many things that made the original games great (like commanding nearby troops, popular battlefronts and planets, most of the bonuses in galactic conquest, and various other personal and all round fan favourites)
    5. Same old boring fights from Renegade Squadron and Battlefront I & II (The Battle of Hoth and Endor)
    6. No new weapons or infantry since last game and all these have to be unlocked but whats the point if nothing's new.
    7.The ION CANNON. Basically, this is a new feature to Battlefront and its annoying because your commander will constantly, like every 20 seconds, tell you to secure the ion cannon. You cannot turn off or turn down the volume of your guys voice and it becomes incredibly agitating andthe ion cannon riuns your battlefront experience as it consumes most time in every battle.

    There are other small defects in this game which I'll leave out, suffice to say it's not that great. It's jus too slow, repetitive and dull. Try Battlefront 1 and 2 on the PS2.

  4. Lights


    Ellie Goulding - CD

    3 New from  £4.83  Free delivery

     Starry Eyed!


    Ellie Goulding is showing real prowess out of all the artists in her genre. Her voice is so seductive, sweet and unique. Her tracks give you that festival feeling. Very euphoric and hippy-ish, but with a modern folk/synth-pop twist. Recommend this chart-topping album. Value for money.

    Best tracks are Guns And Horses, Starry Eyed, Under The Sheets, This Love (Will Be Your Downfall), and Salt Skin

  5.  A Game For True RE fans


    People who arent familar with resident evil should not start with this game. Not that it's bad, but for first-timers it may prove a bit confusing and hard because umbrella chronicles takes you through scenarios from 3 of the original games and some new material and these chapters all incorporate the harshness of when you die you get put back a long way and cannot upgrade your weapons until you complete a chapter. Although, it's still very good if your looking for a first-rate up close arcade style shooter.

    For those who are familar with Resi, this edition of the resident evil archives gets a 9 out of 10 overall score from me. Only flaw is not being able to play a different episode or customize weapons until you complete one you are stuck on. Apart from that it's a great game.

    Playable Characters:
    Rebecca Chambers (RE 0) (S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team)
    Billy Coen (RE0) (Prisoner,former soldier)
    Chris Redfield (RE1, X) (S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team
    Jill Valentine (RE1, 3) (S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team)
    Albert Wesker (RE1, X, 4)(Umbrella S.T.A.R.S)
    Ada Wong (RE2, 4) (Female Spy)
    Carlos Oliveira (RE3) (U.B.C.S)
    HUNK (RE2, 4) (Umbrella Mercenary)

  6.  Unbelievably Entertaining!.... A Great Game


    Positives are:-
    1.amazing graphics, quality of picture (colour, animation, camera
    2.More numerous, different and tougher enemies.
    3.Great voice over dialogue and soundtrack. Really fits the characters and scenarios.
    4.Hours of gameplay (if you dont mind replaying/backtracking to unlock everything)
    5.Chapter Select (new feature)
    6. The Game add-ons "Lost In Nightmares" and "Desperate Escape"
    7. Completey Original take on Resident Evil. New format but still holds on to fan favourites.
    8. A lot of extras ( to be downloaded and if you play xbox live)

    I cant pick any negatives in this game. Strongly recommend it.

  7.  Even more RESIDENT EVIL fun


    This edition includes the game add-ons "Lost In Nightmares" ........... which tells the tale of how Chris and Jill (the two main characters) got separted in their conflict with Wesker (the villian of the game, and evil mastermind from all previous games)

    And "Desperate Escape", a sub-story to the main one in RE5, which oversees the aftermath of Jill's brainwashed confontation with her old partner and her daring escape with new character Captain Josh Stone. (NOTE: This paticular episode has lots of shooting and action in it while Lost In Nightmares is more of a strategy, puzzle and survival episode)

    Both are excellent additions to an already phenomenal game packed with days of gameplay, that should please true RE fans and first-timers.

  8.  Best Resident Evil Yet


    This addition the RE series introduces CO-OP, which isthe best thing they have ever done. Now you can play the entire game, mercenaries and extra content with a friend on or offline.

    Very exciting game. Never gets boring. Play it on each of the four diffuculities and you unlock something new everytime, ranging from alternate costumes, game filters, figures, files, special weapons to extra games. 10 on 10. You wont be disappointed.

  9.  Weeks of Gameplay


    There is so much to unlock in this game, 170 gold medals which unlock something new every time, be it a new car, track, race, crash site, road rage, postcard or trophy, you will not get bored of this game easily.

    For me, the multiplayer is the best feature of this game. It's so passively competitve it will always provide good gaming time with a friend at your telly, or seven others online. The races and road rages are best for two player, and with some time spent playing the burnout world tour you'll get to experience six series of cars (compact, muscle, coupe, sports, super and special) across three continents of tracks. Value and Quality for money.

  10.  Very Addictive, Very Aggitating


    This game first of all has one of the least likable and least cool main protaganist ever. You play as Frank, a photographer dropped by helicopter in a mall surrounded by hundreds of zombies. So... evendently, they get in and you have to fend them all off using anything as weapons; from guns to toys and food to tools, solving cases, fighting zombies and bosses and of course, take photos.

    Here are the positives to the game;
    1. Huge range of weapons to find and use
    2. Very explicit and, in many ways, funny gore and bloodshed
    3.Literally hundreds of zombies to fight by yourself in one go
    4.Hours of gameplay, (if played to every objective/case)
    5. Quite addictive (if you have patience)

    And the negatives in this game are;
    1. No element of fear at all for a zombie game(no scary moments, you will never jump with fright), so can get boring.
    2. One pace of movement from the character all the time. It looks like he's hurt when he (awkwardly) runs but he's actually just holding his camera. Very annoying to look at.
    3.Not incredible storylines or cutscenes
    4.Clothes pickups. No interesting ones and once put on cannot be taken off, unless replaced with an apparel item of the same body part.
    5.The most aggitating thing in the entire game is that when you die you have to go back to the VERY START of the level, which can set you back hours, largely because there are no checkpoints and about two save points which are miles apart from each other.

    In conclusion, it's a great game if you like just killing zombies but you have to be prepared to be set back a long time when you die, thus you need to a very cool head and patience for this game.